RMMV Luminance - A Tale of Suns and Moons [Card Game]


Oct 10, 2012
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Hello, RPG Maker Community.
I would like to introduce you to my new project. It’s called Luminance - A Tale of Suns and Moons,
a card game that plays in a distant and unknown galaxy.
It was made by me with the RPG Maker MV. I am happy about every comment
and feednback. I hope you like it.

Once upon a time in a foreign galaxy,
at the beginning of everything,
there was an age of pure darkness.

But then...
...unexpected and out of nowhere,
the first light appeared.

And with it, there came more.

So tiny and fragile,
yet so bright and warm.

And with the time passing by,
they grew and evolved into Illuminas, cosmic beings.

As that, they learned to see.
And when they saw the emptiness around them,
they learned to create.

Together they began to form the galaxy.

First, they created the sun, the center of everything.
She should give light, for all time.

The Age of Light began.

Then, they weaved a cosmic fog,
strong enough to keep everything together.

In this fertile ground, they planted twelve planetary seeds,
which from now on took their power from the sun.
These seeds may grow into planets and give home to lesser beings.

To keep the suns eternal light,
they created the circle of life.

And so it came, that after the dead of every being,
their remaining power transformed into a glowing flame.

These flames were sent to the Luminance,
a flying and well-hidden island midst an asteroid belt.

Within the Luminance lies the heart of the galaxy,
a supernatural energy source, that is powerful enough to enlighten
the sun once more at a time when she's fading.


Arriving at the end of their creativity,
they slowly forgot their work
and fell into lethargy, because there was nothing more to do.

The Darkness,
ever since laying in hideaway,
saw its time to strike back.

The weakened Illuminas subjected to the darkness with almost no resistance
and the few of them who escaped the devouring shadows found themselves
seeking protection within the heart of the Luminance.

They remained there in a miserable state,
completely unable to change their destiny.

But the darkness didn’t take everything in account in its rage.
As dark as it was, it was unable to approach closer to the sun.
And so it had to endure at the edge of the solar system, till the day
when the last light left the sun.

In a distant future, at a time where the light of the sun is already fading
and the darkness has taken over the four outer planets.

You slip into the "Fire" of such wandering flame and, after a long and
stressful journey through the solar system, find yourself within the
Luminance's inner asteroid belt.

...and from now on, it’s in your hands to enlighten the sun once more.

Arriving at the Luminance, a mysterious person named Eris welcomes you.
You can pick between a bound with either the envoy of the moon or envoy of the sun.
The bound allows you to go back to your mortal body. For that, you can choose
between four characters. (You can see two of them here. I will show the other two
another time). Which character you choose, is mainly of cosmetic nature.
It won’t make a difference in both story/side quests. However, it changes the cards you start
with alongside different character attributes (Such as strength, perception, intelligence).

Battles aren’t fought with your character, but with creature cards.
Those creatures can be found or caught at various places
on the island or as rewards for side quests.
Each creature can be trained and level up in order to learn new skills/gain higher stats.
The game comes with its own (Pokemon inspired) battle system that lets you fight 4vs4 creatures.
Each creature can be modified with equipment alongside the ability to change their blood type. This way you can modify each creature to an extend that better fits your group composition. There will also be three types of creatures: Healer (Example to the left), Defender(Middle) and Attacker(Right). In order to have success in the game, the player has to form a team of monsters that ideally covers each other's weakness.
The cards don’t show all available skills, as there just wasn’t enough space to put them all in.

~ The whole game plays on the Luminance. While progressing through the game, new regions and areas can be unlocked.
There are a lot of hidden things and secrets to discover. Players who like to explore surely will have fun with it.

~ You will travel across phantoms on your journey. Those phantoms are bound to one of your character attributes.
The higher the value of the attribute, the more likely can you see and interact with them.
They may reward you or have side quests for you.

~ Each enemy will show up in the over world, so there won’t be any random encounter.

Each enemy is per se aggressive towards you, however, if you defeat them once, they will remain in a non-aggressive state on the map. In order to fight them again, you can simply run into them and pick the option to fight again.

This also applies to every boss. This means you can fight every boss as many times as you want.
Furthermore, after defeating a boss you will also have to option to challenge them in a more difficult version.

~ The game will be in English (German might be an option, depending on interest)

~ Game runs with a resolution of 2560x1440.

~ All maps are completely made with parallax mapping.

I can't offer you a trailer yet...

...but a bunch of screenshots.

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Sep 22, 2013
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Feb 25, 2016
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The character art looks nice. Good luck with the game!


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May 26, 2018
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This is pure beauty. So looking forward to this game release.


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Jul 25, 2013
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This is so pretty. It's so nice to look at. Overall' very visually pleasing!

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