Luna Engine CP Commands Snipset "command_common_event" {tutorial}

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    Here after someone asked me to help him in the CP luna command he wanted to be able to call common event so I wrote a method who call the common_event in the scene_Menu.

    it's not modify any codes of CP {who already have the option to call method } it's intend to show to people who are not so good in programming HOW to call common_event with CP command

    here's the codes
    # ■ Luna Engine  CP Commands Snipset "command_common_event"
    # =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    # little snipset to CP command for show how to add common_event calling
    # Created by Nio Kasgami.
    # Original Author Script : Neon Black {CP}
    # requested by zeigfried_mcbacon
    # Data : 2015/07/27
    # Version : NA
    # Require : NA
    module CPLuna  
    module CampMenu  
    # the variable you want to use for call your common_event    
    Var_id = 1    
        COMMAND_WINDOW ={    
        # IT'S a EXAMPLE just copy past this command in the original and you will be able to use it
        # it's will throw a error if just paste the method like that
        # remove $test" or this will not appear to the people who wil play your game      
        :commands =>[        
                :push       => 0,            
                :name       => "common_event",            
                :icon       => 368,            
                :type       => 1,            
                :type_sym   => :execute_common_event,            
                :actor_sel  => false,            
                :nabl_type  => 0,            
                :nabl_nabl_sym  => nil,            
                :appear     => "$TEST",        
        ## Command Window  
    # ■ Scene_Menu
    #  This class performs the menu screen processing.
    class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase 
    # ○ new method: call_common_event
        def execute_common_event    
            @id = $game_variable[CPLuna::CampMenu::Var_id]    


    do not credit me this not necessary this only a tutorial the credit go to Neon Black not me
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