Luna Engine how to draw sprite grid for save file


May 15, 2020
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Hello friends
I am painfully new to this, but so far I've been doing pretty good with Luna until it came to the save file.
I want to use the row of sprites that is default in RPG Maker but I need to be able to reposition them because of our menu configuration, and with Luna you have to tell it what you are repositioning first. But I can't seem to figure out how to tell it what information to find, or what information to find. I took a look at some save file plugins and this is like, the best I got:

save sprites.png

This actually returns an error saying character type isn't supported. If I change the type to face, and change the itemList to
{$gameParty.charactersForSavefile()}" or any iteration of that (I'm pretty sure I could smash my keyboard and the result would be the same) it doesn't throw errors but it also doesn't seem to be doing anything else (ie no sprites). Sometimes I also get a can't match error but I'm having trouble re-creating it.

I also thought I could try a workaround; I could tell the game to load an image of a character based on where they are in the party formation, (and then tell it to do that five more times...) and for the most part that worked EXCEPT it just adds the image to the save file like a little decoration on every save file. Maybe using the "data" condition used to display icons in the template?

And while I'm on the topic; what exactly IS lunatic type face? Does it just refer to the face in the database? Is it just a way of telling the program to look somewhere other than the image file?

Thanks in advance, sorry if any of this comes off as super dumb obvious

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