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Aug 12, 2020
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We are a small team of plugin developers that have come together to create plugins and tools for both RPGMakerMV and MZ. Our initiative is to provide a large selection of open source, free, and paid products to help the community. As part of that effort, the LunaTechs are releasing one of their first products to the public!

The project is known as LunaLite, documentation websites that will be maintained and updated as both engines are updated.

We're offering the documentation to the community to better help you all create your games and plugins!
Right now we're at about 70~80% coverage for documentation; we plan to get 100% coverage across both engines as things evolve.

Click here for the documentation for MV: LunaLite-MV
Click here for the documentation for MZ: LunaLite

Stay tuned next Wednesday, as we'll be releasing another project soon to help developers write plugins faster.

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