LV99: Final Fortress


Dec 19, 2019
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So …

You love JRPGs for their epic late game?

Then why not skip the boring Stuff?
  • Venture straight into the final dungeon of this heroic journey,
  • Lay aside your legendary equipment for even better pieces,
  • Slay bosses and super bosses with versatile skills and mighty finishers!

Three Girls, two Gods


Maradook and Gorth, evil gods from ancient times, have been sealed away in the Final Fortress. At the eleventh hour before their awakening, three heroines have gathered and arrive at the fortress: Ariel, the chosen one; Billie, a dragon-slaying princess from the north; Celsia, a witch-turned-magician with stellar talent, but no temperament to speak of.

Entering the Alpha Dungeon

Entering the Alpha Dungeon …

Analyse — equip — destroy!

A number of bosses stand in the way before the heroines can take on an ancient god. Strategic combinations of equipment and skills are required to stand a chance. After each battle, a new piece of ultra-legendary equipment is acquired which provides higher stats, a passive effect and a powerful skill. Only the most synergetic combinations may prevail against the power of an ancient god!

Fighting the Strolling Graveyard

A strolling graveyard. Yeah, why not.

Oh, and there’s other Things …

Follow delightful conversations, solve puzzles, collect collectibles and listen to some self-written music. Find metroidvania-style items and upgrade your Celestial Tea while you’re at it! Maybe you can even fill that fourth character slot with an unexpected, but powerful ally? There’s a lot to do, all crammed into a 5-hour experience.

Solving a Puzzle

A block-pushing puzzle. Classic.

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Get started now! Finish before Lunch or Dinner!



Dec 19, 2019
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LV99: Final Fortress version 1.1 is out! :)

  • Added a 'Random Mode' in which equipment is randomly distributed into the boss chests.
  • You can now view skills in the menu.
  • The Hall of Heroes BGM now keeps playing in Westlink and Eastlink at a low volume.
  • Changed a lot of graphics in the dungeons. You can swap back to the old style by talking to a new NPC in the Hall of Heroes. The NPC appears after entering any of the dungeons for the first time.
  • Moved some diamonds on maps to indicate that Ariel can jump over pits.
  • Added new items. Some can be found in chests, some are hidden in things that look a little out of place.
  • Billie's battle tips now come in fixed order, independent of the boss you're fighting.
  • Bosses now generate 20 EP (up from 15).
  • Inspired skills are now learnt permanently. The first bosses of each dungeon can be fought repeatedly (in the boss rooms) as an opportunity to learn any inspired skills you may have missed.
  • Needle Birds: Now all three generate EP.
  • Spectral Hammer: Now has a different effect. Check it out!
  • Aim for the Soul: Now deals 900% damage to poisoned enemies (up from 300%).
  • Radiance: Now hits 6 times (up from 3), but doesn't refund EP anymore.
  • Arcane Frost: The high-EP bonus now multiplies damage by 6 (up from 2).
  • Tar Trap: Triggering the trap deals more damage (450%, up from 300%) and doesn't consume 20 EP anymore, but also removes the buff.
  • Innervate: Changed the formula.
  • Golden-tile puzzle: Now works differently (and is arguably a little harder).
  • Accessories: Made several changes. Check it out!
  • Souls: Now gain a powerful Enrage effect after the first turn. You're highly incentivised to take them down quickly.
  • Added a new BGM for the Secret Room battles. (Tell me if you like it!)
  • Added variants of the secret bosses to change things up a bit.
  • Some Joke: Now simply silences.
  • Fixed some minor errors.
  • Changed some texts.
  • Made some minor adjustments.

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