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Apr 24, 2021
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Instant Items [1.0]

The default RPG Maker MZ behaviour is asking who you want to use an item on, even when you only have 1 person in the party. This changes it so that items will just be used instantly on the only member instead. What item scopes to skip targeting for (User, 1 Ally, All Allies) can be adjusted in the parameters.
You can also force items of certain scopes to be used on the party leader or a specific actor even when there are other party members, if that is something you wish.

Note that skipping the "choose target" section means that the user may not notice their HP etc go up until they leave the pick an item scene, since in the default Main Menu the HP etc are shown on the Choose Target window and the Main Menu only.

Basic compatability with VisuStella if placed after all of their plugins. Might not play nice with plugins that heavily modify targeting and item usage. No in-battle support or plugin commands yet, maybe next version.

Let me know if I missed anything or you found a bug~

Download here

How to Use:
Click the link above, Ctrl+S or Save Page As (make sure it is set to All Files). Copy the file to your project's /js/plugins/ directory and add it in the plugin manager as normal. View the default plugin parameters and adjust as needed! They all have a bunch of help text.

Terms of Use:
MIT - credit appreciated but not required
Free for any kind of commercial or non-commercial use.

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