Feb 14, 2021
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Battle Mechanics Core

Heyo, Lyricanna here. A brand new game developer and somewhat incompetent programmer with a bad habit of always jumping straight into the deep end. I've been messing around with RPG Maker MV for a couple of months now and have found myself somewhat annoyed at how vague and rigid the combat system was whenever you tried to do something other than change up the damage formula. I found myself writing a bunch of small plugins that made minor tweaks to the combat, stuff like changing the hit formula, removing luck from the crit chance, etc.

So I ended up just throwing all of those minor plugins into one single file and made this: Lyricanna's Battle Mechanics Core. Well sort of, it's a work in progress.

As of right now, the plugin lets you change several of the "fixed" combat values: stuff like how much the damage is multiplied on a critical hit, the default value for the guard skill, and how much the parameter buffs multiply the relevant parameter by. I also added a couple of optional systems changes, specifically the ability to remove luck from all combat calculations and removing the miss chance mechanic (by making evasion just reduce hit chance).

My eventual goal is for this plugin to eventually expand this plugin so that any part of the combat system that can't already be changed with the base program can be edited in this plugin. Though to be fair, that is definitely not happening any time soon, so I'm mostly going to try to expand the critical hit system and how buffs work.

If it wasn't already obvious, this is my first ever plugin. While I do have experience programming, I literally learned Javascript by reading through some of the plugins @caethyril and SumRndDude have released, so use this at your own risk. The plugin itself and copyright info can be found on my page here. Other than that, please give me feedback and recommendations for potential features. If you find any bugs or problems, tell me and I'll try to fix it. No promises about compatibility with other plugins though.
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