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    You have probably seen Mack's Resources, originally released for VX, here:

    Included in the set was a TileA2 which you can view on that site.

    In VX with the tileset limitations, it made sense to have interior and exterior tiles all together. Now, in Ace, the A2 tiles are sorted into Interior, Exterior, etc, so I though it was worth exploring the possibilities with Mack's stuff and came up with this exterior set:


    It includes a minor edit or two, but really it is all Mack's stuff, and it looks like this in game, if you set the mode to "Area" in the database.


    Now in Ace, the A2 tile was a little tricky for me to understand, but there is a helpful discussion that resulted here:

    in case you would like to know more about Field versus Area settings on A2 tilesets.

    Just credit Mack.

    I benefited from peeking at IceDragon's Autotile Base Kit and ManiMani of Mind's bases as well. (best I can do with Google Translate!) Some recolors are from ManiMani.

    (correcting link)
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