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Feb 25, 2018
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  • Challenging turn-based combat that requires clever resource management and strategy when deciding your party members' moves. Enemies level-up according to your battle party's levels.
  • An engaging story rooted in a prejudiced medieval society, where Mages are hated by many.
  • Choose to play as either a male or female Mage.
  • 3 Primary Dungeons (plus 1 mini-dungeon) to complete in any order you desire. Dungeons feature enemies to conquer, puzzles to solve, traps to avoid, secrets to find, and bosses to vanquish!
  • Lead a party of interesting characters, whose backstories and motivations will come to light as you progress in the story. Each character is of a unique class and will offer different strengths as they are added to the party.
  • A "lite" loot system to keep you hooked! Weapons and armors are classified as Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Relic. Explore, earn spoils from battles, and barter in towns to acquire the best weapons and armors in the game to strengthen your party.
  • Side quests (because we can)!
  • Freedom to explore the world map as you please. There are 4 main islands in the Kingdom of the Isles, each with its own interesting locales, and there are small "dot" islands that house their own secrets and rewards, too.
  • Use new special Skills that your party members learn as they level-up.



You will play as a Mage who has been imprisoned since childhood. You are freed by the King and sent on a quest of dire importance. Over the course of your quest, you will be joined by a cast of supporting characters that aid you in battle. Each character will represent a different class. Each class has specific status strengths, and learns Skills and uses weapons and armors unique to the class. This is a very brief rundown of the classes in the game:
  • Mage - specializes in magic attacks and magic defense / equips Hats, Robes, and Staffs
  • Titan - specializes in physical attacks / equips Chain Helms, Chain Mails, and Axes
  • Paladin - specializes in physical defense / equips Steel Helms, Steel Mails, and Swords
  • Archer - does not specialize, but is well-rounded in all status areas / equips Leather Helms, Leather Mails, and Bows
  • Thief - specializes in agility and luck / equips Masks, Tunics, and Spikes
Society in the Kingdom of the Isles is mostly divided between two factions: the Believers and the Non-Believers. The Believers are those individuals that believe magic has a place in the natural world, but the Non-Believers disagree and value only science.

Among the Believers, there are some born with the ability to practice magic and cast spells. These special Believers, if caught using magic, are branded as Mages. Mages are treated as enemies of the Kingdom, without regard for their actions or deeds. They are arrested upon being discovered, and some are later executed.

Since magic is thought to be fairly new in the Kingdom, it is feared. The Non-Believers have had the support of the crown since magic emerged in the Isles. In a dangerous time, however, some of the Non-Believers are willing to suspend their prejudice. They hope that a Mage might save them from a mysterious evil.

One such Mage (the player) is set free and brought before the King. The King asks the Mage to investigate the source of the evil monsters that have started roaming the Isles recently. Soon after, in the course of the quest, the Mage discovers a sinister plot to destroy the Kingdom and is tasked with stopping the evildoers.
Mage: Kingdom Divide takes place in a land simply known as The Kingdom of the Isles. The Kingdom consists of four primary islands, each with its own climate and ways of life. The four islands are:
  • Isle of Kings
  • Isle of Ashes
  • Isle of Winters
  • Isle of Storms
The far history of the Kingdom is shrouded in mystery to most, even the royalty. All that is known for certain is that in recent times, magic emerged in the Isles.

Over a short period of time, many people have come to resent magic and its destructive force, but still others feel that magic is a natural part of the world and has merits. This divide in belief has largely caused the Kingdom of the Isles' society to be at odds with itself, pitting the Believers (those who favor magic) against the Non-Believers.


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Indie Developer
Feb 25, 2018
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Developer Update, Week of 3-11-18

So the last couple of weeks have been very busy at Try Again Games. Below are some highlights of what we've been up to lately.

  • Designing the 2nd Primary Dungeon. This has been the bulk of our work lately. We hit a snag in programming some moving traps that are supposed to collide with the player and cause damage, but we've nearly got it right. Who knew collision detection was complex?
  • Overall balance adjustments. We've found it easiest to just make balance adjustments as we go. The last two weeks we have primarily been focusing on variety in enemy attacks, strengths, and weaknesses (we've even resorted to keeping spreadsheets, people).
  • Ramping up marketing efforts. What good is it, if you don't get the butts in the seats? Right? Something like that? Anyways, we really want everyone to know that we're making a game and working like crazy to make it a fun one! We've launched an official Twitter handle and Facebook page for Try Again Games, where we will post a few times every week about Mage: Kingdom Divide.

And that's it! Besides that one day we had pizza... Mmm, pizza... But we digress.

Check back here for more updates in the near future, and please click the links below so you can follow us on the social media of your choice (or both if you're an especially social person)!

Facebook Page:

Twitter Handle:

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