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    Hi guys during the time I was creating a game I have learned alot regarding the commands and controls of rpgmaker which takes painfully time for me to learn ;_; so as the game development progressed I realized the game creation is becoming a little bit more complex. I just stumbled upon this new problem of mine where I have a hero doing battle with an event so after winning the event walk away to a certain place but I  just realized a problem occur when each time I tried to save/log out or go out of map the enemy/event return to his original location.

    I know this has something to do with declaring and using of variables but never tried them before ;_; can someone suggest a way to make this enemy/event remember his current location thanks in advance.

    Picture provided:


    world map


    inside shop


    Battle with an event



    now problem occur when I try to go out of the map or try to save and log out of the game


    event goes back to its original location
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    no, you need a script/plugin to have it remember a changed position on the map. It has nothing to do with variables (could be done that way but would be needlessly complex)

    Both Shaz and Yanfly have already written plugins for that, search for them on the master list
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    Make a second event in the place your event positions itself at the end of his movement, and make sure it's invisible (and check the Through option). Then make a second page on it, put there the same character graphic of the other event, and add anything you wish it to do after that thing happens. This second page will need a certain switch to be on in order to be seen.

    Then you need to modify the event you had. You need to add a new page, with no graphic (and preferably the through option checked), this page will need the same switch the other event needed in order to be seen. And lastly, add a Set Switch command at the end of the movement you had in your event.

    This will make the old event be "replaced" by another one. The advantage of this is that it will stay where it should.

    I don't have MV, and my VXAce is in spanish, but I can share some screenshots if it helps you. It's pretty much the same.

    (Didn't embed them so it doesn't lags everyone's life -?-).

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