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Jun 28, 2015
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Hey guys,

the actual MV has the most basic features already on board. If you want to extend it´s features, you´d either have to noodle around in the Plugin-Manager (which I don´t think looks pretty nice) or write custom JS.

It´s totally okay to work with the Plugin-Manager for several single addons and their configuration.

But my idea is to create an "Extension Suite", with a Concept like the Adobe CS with their graphic suite.

This could include a few external plugins with an own GUI which will look similar from tool to tool, because it´s own Suite.

Included would be the most needed features, or to describe it better: A foundation that is capable of more than the Release-Plugins and which is extendable.

Where you´d be able to change things like "development curves" when it comes to XP, or to switch to a custom Progress-System, where you´ll not level up

and increase stats automatically, but where you have to spend points to raise stats.

Also a system where you will have way more possibilities to implement roleplaying also outside of battle. Like skill checks with "dice rolls", Skills to use out of battle, etc.

Some more things could and should be added to that system.

The core features could be enabled/disabled through a click of a button or a checkbox and values could be changed through sliders or input fields.

It could be coded in JS and then wrapped with Electron to have it executable on every platform. It would share the code-base with the maker, which would make implementing it easier.

Also that way, the GUI could be created in HTML5/CSS3.

For that project, I´d need some people with good knowledge of JS and some of it´s frameworks (as I just started learning JS). My part would be the design of the GUI and developing it in HTML5/CSS3.

If you read this, know how to code JS and would like to see this project become reality, please feel free to answer me and/or write me a private message.



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