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Aug 21, 2014
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So. I've been looking into finalizing ideas for my upcoming game as I start making all the pieces to complete this puzzle.  

One of the big things I'd like to do is have the first menu the player comes across when starting a new game or going back to the main non-title screen after either selecting the option or by completing a certain part of the game (there are several "paths" the player will go through and they can play them in whatever order they want to.  

The menu would be one cluster of characters, which would act as which story the player wants to go through respectively.  Essentially I'd want the menu to start with the first three options (characters) the player has to choose from; they would be half-opaque. When selected, by scrolling left and right with arrow keys, whatever character is currently selected would have their outlining glowing, and it would take them to that respective character's play through and the game would progress. 

When the playthrough is beaten/completed, the player will be returned to that same character menu but the playthrough(s) that the player completed will have its character non-opaque at all, indicating that it's been completed-- but can be played through again if they want-- and they would go on to select another, and the cycle would repeat until all available characters are shown, indicating the whole game has been completed and showing the player a collage/mash of characters in one big, cool picture.  

I was thinking this could be pulled off with picture commands or something, but I'm also not sure. ;3; Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing that could give pointers, tips, or even full-blown walkthroughs/tutorials on going about this?

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