Making a cyberspace map similar to Mega Man Battle Network?

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Sep 9, 2012
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Hi guys,

I am making a game similar to MMBN, in which dungeons are set in a cyberspace world. I am having some troubles making the maps look fancy and interesting. Currently, I am using the futuristic pack tiles, and there are two tiles that really suit with the maps I am trying to make. I do have some ideas in mind, but I will need to recolor the tiles for them to work, and I am not very good at editing stuff. I was going to request someone to edit those tiles for me, or in the worst case that no one takes the request, I'll just do it myself. But I want to make sure I am heading for the right direction, and get some tips first.

These are the two tiles I was referring to. If the map consists of only one color, that wouldn't be too bad, but still kinda boring. I am planning to recolor them in white, orange, green, red, ect. and mix them together so the maps would look prettier. That's what I hope, anyway. So, if it was up to you guys, how would you make a cyberspace map?


By the way, you can see the blue tint in the right tile is because I couldn't edit it completely.


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Mar 2, 2012
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Please post your request for tile edits in the Resource Requests forum. Be careful that you only get someone to do the edits who has also purchased the pack. You cannot give purchased tiles to someone else if they haven't bought the pack.

Also, there are a number of threads where you can get feedback on your maps and suggestions to help you improve - check the Game and Map Screenshots thread and the Mapping Helpdesk thread, but there are others out there too.

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