making a door event lead to different maps, and dungeon checkpoint tips?


Jul 11, 2021
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[edit] I thought id change my wording to make this easier for what I am looking for. I know how to make transfers and doors that lead to new maps. And I have edited them to modify a variable. But I still haven't figured out how to make it a condition based on acquisition of an item to lead to a different map instead.

[everything blow is og post]

im just designing a dungeon delver as my first game and playing around im trying to figure out the fastest way to develop checkpoint embedded with an escape/leave option to a shop/safe place, and upon entering the door takes back to where you left off.

would i be better off creating individual maps and events for each floor, and having them turn on switches that block certain maps from showing?

or could i have a few different layout maps, and just have event locations with multiple pages, sometimes showing an event, sometimes not, based on switches i turn on as player progresses?

like cycling through map a-b-c-a-b-c-Boss-a-b-c-a-b-c-Boss, with map a events pages checking on how many times a switch was changed?

playing around i just saw variable, can i just have each a/b/c success(finding that floors key as example) add a number to a variable, so if player chooses to leave, then come back it brings them to where they "left off"

and a little help on a couple things. how do i have a door event lead to multiple options based on that variable?

thanks for helping!!!
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