Dec 16, 2017
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I am making a Rogue kind of class similar to WoW, where MP is the Energy Bar, and all abilities costs MP and refund it (for less than the original value to make a focus point on other abilities). The refund is to act as the "energy regen" and these abilities generate "Combo Points" (25 TP) which is basically everything gives you a set amount of TP, that is then consumed by abilities at 100 TP. I also have the class maxed out at 100 MP across all levels so it simulates the 100 point energy bar better.

So for example so it makes more visual sense-
Attack 1 Removes 40 MP, generates 25 TP (1 Combo Point), and refunds 30 MP [90 MP and 25 TP]
Attack 2 Removes 40 MP. generates 25 TP (2 Combo Points), and refunds 30 MP [80 MP and 50 TP]
Attack 3 Removes 40 MP, generates 25 TP (3 Combo Points), and refunds 30 MP [70 MP and 75 TP]
Attack 4 Removes 40 MP, generates 25 TP (4 Combo Points), and refunds 30 MP [60 MP and 100 TP]
Special Attack 1 Removes 40 MP, Removes 100 TP, generates 0 TP (0 Combo Points), and refunds 30 MP [50 MP and 0 TP]

And what I want to do is make a Cooldown that makes it so all TP consuming costs are reduced in half. Now I could go and make it so you learn and unlearn abilities that cost different TP while a certain state is active and what not, but thats a lot of effort I would rather not do, and for the sake of future projects I would love to know how to do this.

I also already have a Cooldown that makes it so you generate more TP with with the TP Charge Rate Special Parameter and setting that up. Just can't figure out how to cut the costs in half :c.

Any help would be loved <3!

Robin Hoot

Feb 14, 2016
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It's been over 10 years since I played WoW and Rogue was never one of my favorites, so I don't remember so well how they work! IIRC the Finishing Move damage depended on how many combo points the target had, right? If that's the case, you could add a State for each combo point as placeholders and use IFs for the Special Attack damage formula according to each state.

You mentioned the skill refunds a portion of the MP spent to represent its regen, right? Does the character get any MP if the player use an item or defend instead?

For the TP cost, I'm not sure if it can be done without plugins but Yanfly has a plugin that lets you use formulas to calculate TP cost.

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