Making Custom Title Screens With Events

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    NOTE: All graphical resources, sound effects, and music in the demo are not ok to use on ANY project (commercial or free) as they are private resources. Scripts are fine because those are public resources.
    Hey fellers,
    Since my status update that had a SS of the title screen I had going, I got a few pm’s asking how it’s done without custom menu scripts. There is a quick story behind this because I got this idea from someone else and I want to give credit where credit was due. When I was talking to Archeia about Luna Engine and the Title Screen, I was told that it was better to do it with events. At first I didn’t understand what Archeia meant by that but then the light bulb went off. Bypass the normal title screen completely (in other words go straight to first map) and use events and script calls to make your own title screen!
    Screenshot of demo:

    There is a script required to make this work which is in fact used to skip the title screen. JV Master has the script for the job!
    Now you’re all set to make your very own title screen. The downside is that it takes a lot of planning. There is no set way to make it and it all involves of what you make it do. I know some of you are not very adept in eventing so I’ll quickly go over how to make a Final Fantasy style title screen.
    1. Turn on transparency in the database. We don’t want to see Eric right now.
    2. Make the title screen map the same size as your game resolution (or as small as you can).
    3. Please refer to the demo for this next bit.
    a. Note that there are two event next to the starting position of the player. The event on the left handles user action. It is disabled until the event on the right enables it because you want the animations to play first. When the event on the left is turned on, whenever the player pushes Action. The instruction set will occur depending on the variable the right event sets for it. In order for you to access your options, load menu, and quit; you need to refer to a script call (also in demo)

    b. The event on the right handles Animation and data.

    i. The first page plays the animation you see when you first start the demo.

    ii. The second page waits for a response from the user for the “Push a button to start” sequence.

    iii. The third page displays your menu choices and enables the event on the left.

    iv. This is the most complex part of this event. It determines what menu you have selected by adding or subtracting from a variable based on if you push up or down. When you push action, depending on what number the variable is (1 through 4) is the instruction the left event will run.

    4. That’s it to this title screen. It is very basic and (somewhat simple) to construct.
    Here is the demo to the title screen. Like I said before, don’t use any resources that are in the demo (excluding scripts). I also attached a few optional scripts that I know people use often that would involve the title screen. I can’t wait to see what kind of title screens yall will make ^^.

    Demo with extra script calls removed:
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    Hey, Itred this out but it's giving me some kind of error. I'm not sure what is casuing it, I'm only using Luna as the other scripts..

    "undefined method 'ratio=' for Graphics/Module"

    Happened after I put your title screen + the script in there.
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    Hey :) Not sure if you ever got this fixed but within one of the events where it says what will be played before everything happens there is a script call. That script call might have been placed into your game when you were doing the event, what that script call does is calls for the screen to be bigger I think :p and that requires another script that Boldpaste is using, just delete that, click okay, press save and hopefully that should work. :)
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    I've tried to delete the eval(script) but the didn't work, could you help me?

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