Making my own character parts - masks


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May 11, 2020
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Hello, by brain is currently emitting smoke over custom character parts.

The art style I'm making my game have involves different bodies than those provided, and it should be easy for me to implement that using the Extended Generator. But the issue is that I have no clue how to set up the masks so that they work with gradients. The generator lets me add a mask file for the bodies, the parts are exactly the same color as the faceset mask which work as intended, but it just won't work on charset masks.

Can somebody explain like I'm 5 how to set up a handmade mask so I can use gradients on them?

Thanks in advance.


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Jun 29, 2017
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I have been trying to work the same, and i found a "kind" of a solution. Using Photoshop, save the colors of a default generator part mask, and then, using the color superposition on my custom part, i apply the yellowish color and make it 100% opacity. finally, i create a new layer and then paste the white color on that layer, and move it to the bottom. Of course this only works on easier parts such as hair, or one color accesories.


Aug 24, 2019
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1. Add a new layer in your image program. Fill it with white (255,255,255). Move the layer to the bottom so it's the lowest.
2. Make a new layer, above your part. Select all black pixel. (Either by hand, or by a Select -> select color option in your graphics software) Replace them with white.
3. In the extended generator you have a option in the icon bar called "Mask Colors". These tell you which specific color is associated to a pre-defined mask.
Select the mask you want to have for your part (e.g. Skin color for skin), click on the color to the right to open the color selector and write down the Red Green and Blue tones. (e.g. RGB 249, 193, 157).
4. Create a new layer above your part. Select the colors of the color range you wish to edit. (e.g. the normal skin color of your body, the shade colors of the skin & the highlights of the skin)
You can do so either manually or via color select.
(Do not ever use color ranges. Pick each color and add it to the selection individually. Never use a loose color range. If you do, your graphics software will usually surprise you with bugs & glitches you did not expect, such as the colors not being overwritten correctly.)
Once you have selected all parts that should be shaded, fill them with the mask color you wrote down in step 3.

Your final layout:
Layer 1: (Top) the mask colors covering the areas you wish to apply gradients to
Layer 2: White covering the black parts
Layer 3: Your part (can be removed, but not necessary should you later wish to reedit this file)
Layer 4: A white background.

Save & you're done.

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