Maliki's Variable Buy and Sell Rates ver 1.2


Mar 13, 2012
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Maliki's Variable Buy and Sell Rates


ver 1.2


Features:  This Plugin allows developers to set group item buy and sell costs. 

Items can be added into groups via notetags and the group's prices can be altered via percentages.

Buy and sell percentages can be altered independently via Script calls.

There is no limit to the number of groups you can have.

HowTo: To start, item group tags must be created in your item notetags.

<itemGroup: x>

with x being the number of the group you wish to add this item to.


To set group rates, use the Script Call:

$gameParty.setShopRates(x, y, z);

With x being the group number, y being the buying percentage and z being the cost percentage.

You can also set "region rates" with the script call:

 $gameParty.setRegionRate(x, y);

These rates will apply to all items being bought or sold at all shops encountered until the next region rate call.

(Detailed instructions can be found in the plugin's help section.)

Plugin Conflicts:  There shouldn't be any conflicts with this plugin, however let me know if any are found and I'll try to correct them.

Permissions: This plugin can be used in any project, commercial or otherwise, as long as credit is given.

Updated:  Now when buying price is set to 0, the item group will NOT appear in the shop's inventory.

Also, when selling price is 0, the item group cannot be sold to that shop.

Also added colors to item names/prices in shops so players can more easily tell how prices are generally affecting items.

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