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Donated Maps

What are Donated Maps?
Simply, they’re complete maps developers donate for anyone to use.
Anyone may donate their maps , from a project or unused, for everyone to use. This means you could simply pick up a map pack and have the maps ready and available to use as is. You could also use them as reference, if you don’t like the mapping style/resources it used, to recreate that location.
This helps newbies have maps ready to simply use as a scenario for their games, or to fill out areas like small cities and towns without having to come up with original concepts yourself.
We will routinely release official map packs whenever we get new ones so everyone can see all the maps in one go instead of having to browse through many different projects.

What are the rules for maps?
The rules are simple: keep the maps where they belong, credit their creators, and ask permission to them before heavily modifying them.
This means that if a map was designed to be a capital city in an tropical island you should not simply place it wherever you want. If you like a mapping style, you can use it as reference to create something similar, but please keep the maps where they belong.

Can I add custom graphics?
You can, as long as they are properly credited (we will not tolerate resource theft) placed into their own tileset (with passability configured) and in the VX style. This means no Mack or XP style edits or differently styled customs will be taken to the donation packs. Store-bought resources will not be accepted for the donation maps.
You can make them and offer them to other developers if you want, but we won’t add them to the official resources.

How do I submit donated maps?
Place all the maps you want to donate in a project with nothing else. Include the credits in a separate text file in the game folder. If you can, make the basic links and teleports between areas so they are playable (and we don’t accidentally make wrong links when importing your maps to the official packs.
Most importantly: keep properly named and configured tilesets. Please try, whenever possible, to make the tilesets as compact as possible so the final packs aren’t swamped with different tilesets for every single map.
We accept mainly VX Ace maps, and unless we get a huge amount of maps in other formats, we won’t make packs for them.
Also keep in mind we will run a basic quality check on the maps. We’re not going to discard stuff for not being a masterpiece, but we won’t accept shoddy or outright bad mapping.
If you’re doubtful on your mapping abilities and quality, simply ask us in the forums if your mapping is acceptable or not, or look up some mapping tutorials.
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