Map Madness Bracket Prediction Submissions! [CLOSED]

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Feb 23, 2012
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It's time to look into your crystal ball and see the future. Who will win the Map Madness tournament? No one can truly know, but that doesn't mean we can't try and guess!

To participate, fill out and save the attached bracket form, with your predictions all the way through the tournament and PM it to @RPGMakerWeb before April 12th at midnight Pacific!

You can check out the Qualifier entries for each user in the Previous Rounds Subforum to help you make your decisions!

Each correct prediction in the first round will award the user 8 points. Correct predictions in the second round will be worth 12 points. Correct predictions in the third round will be worth 18 points, and correctly predicting the Tournament Winner will be worth 27 points.
The person who has the highest score after the Tournament is over will win our Map Madness Oracle Prize:
$20 Degica Gift Shop Code, Map Madness Oracle Badge

So get in those Brackets BEFORE APRIL 12th 11:59PM Pacific!


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