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Discussion in 'Resource Requests' started by Synmbios, Jul 27, 2016.

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    I'll develop a fantasy game for educational purpose here in Brazil. I need help with art and mapping for RPG Maker MV.

    I'll need:

    a. dragon characters, both NPCs (with 12 motions) and playable/side view battlers (with both 12 and 54 motions);

    b.  parallax mapping; if you don't know how to create an entire map using parallax technique, you could offer your art skills and I would do the actual map in the engine;

    I have 10 months to develop and delivery this game, so it will be a lot of work to do including art, what means I'll need people committed to work until the end of these 10 months of work. I don't have the exactly quantity of characters and maps that I'm going to request, I can only say that will be at least 18 maps and 3 dragon playable/side view battlers;

    The images attached show the style of art required for the maps. The style of art for characters is the same as the editor inside the engine can create;

    If you are interested, please inform:

    i) portfolio, if you have one;

    ii) individual prices (for dragon characters with 12 motions, for dragon playable/side view battlers with 54 motions, for maps, or for art of the maps if you can't create the whole map);




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    This section is for small (1-2 small items), free requests. This is too much for requesting here. You have a couple of options - making a new post in Project Recruitment following the guidelines of that section seeking unpaid help or wait until you have enough posts to unlock the Classifieds section where you can seek out someone to do the work for you for pay.

    I'm going to go ahead and lock this topic.
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