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Mar 18, 2012
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I've had some questions lately over allowing premade maps to be presented as resources in the Maker Specific Resources section. Up to this point, it's not been allowed, though mapping workshops and classifieds shops have been. In addition, it's been an unspoken rule of sorts that maps were not allowed to be requested in the resource requests section. Because of the rising questions, we've discussed it and come to the following conclusions:

1) Premade maps as resources will continue as not allowed.

2) Mapping Workshops and Classifieds shops will continue to be allowed.

3) Requesting maps in Resource Requests will now be allowed. As with all requests in this section, it will be limited to 1-2 maps, max. If you need a full game of maps, please post in Project Recruitment. We also encourage you to check out the available workshops and classifieds shops before requesting to see if you can find someone to meet your needs. We do also encourage you to keep working on your own mapping skills; you can always get feedback and help in the feedback topic.
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