Mass replacing character expression transition speed

Discussion in 'Visual Novel Maker Support' started by Bors, Mar 30, 2019.

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    Say I have a ton of character expression transitions set for 250ms, across multiple scenes, and I'd like to slow down or speed up all of them. Where and how is that data stored?

    Usually I'd just run a search for 250 through all files in the game folder with Dreamweaver, that's how I've been surviving the script-maze thus far, but this time it seems that approach yields no result...
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    Hi Bors,

    there are multiple ways to deal with that kind of things. Three ways which come to my mind just now are:

    1) Make sure the Lock-Icon is locked for the duration of Change Expression command. Then use Character Defaults command and change the Expression Duration value there. Then that value is used for ALL Change Expressions following after that one. So you only need to touch that one command to change it for all.

    2) Use one or multiple global number variables to control duration speeds. That can also be combined with option 1).

    3) Use Mass Edit, select the Change Expression command and the Duration field and change it. You can also set one or multiple conditions so that only Change Expression commands with a specific character are changed for example.

    Hope that helps.
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