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Discussion in 'JS Plugin Releases (RMMV)' started by Shaz, Nov 4, 2015.

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    We have a new place to register all our plugins, to make it easy for people to search and find them. Courtesy of Ramiro, Dekita, Zalerinian and Hudell (in no specific order).

    If you create a plugin, please head on over and add it to the list once you've got your thread set up.

    RMMV Master Plugin List

    If you know of great plugins that are not registered here, please approach their creators and ask them to add them to the list.

    Note - I have nothing to do with that site. I just provided a link. If you have a problem with anything on the site, please contact the people who created it and not me. If you look around there, you will find their names (and I've listed them in the very first sentence in this post).
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