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Jul 26, 2013
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I am interested in showing how to make puzzles using events in RPG Maker MV. I have a number of ideas for this, and have made a short collection of puzzles in VX Ace that I could provide if people want to see what kinds of things I'd be working on. (I mostly mention this since I haven't had much of a presence on this forum and feel more like a lurker than a community member.)

As for MV School, I wasn't entirely sure what was being asked of me. The instructions seemed to imply that we weren't making lessons at this stage, and that the T.U.T.O.R would not be available for our lessons. With that in mind, I made a very short introduction sequence that had a tiny bit of interactivity, but held off on making any explanations or teaching the player anything since I would like to make use of the T.U.T.O.R. function for that kind of thing. I think that this is especially necessary for teaching how to make the evented puzzle elements, and without it, I'd really mostly just be making puzzles for the player to play through, which, while fun, doesn't really seem like the intent of this project.

Anyway, here's a link to my orientation/introduction. It might be slightly confusing since I modified the student to use my graphic as per Touchfuzzy's initial tutorial.

Please let me know if this isn't the kind of thing that you had in mind for MV School, or if you would in fact like an actual lesson to be created using the T.U.T.O.R.


Feb 28, 2017
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Hello! Thanks for your submission! :D

Sorry that the instructions weren't entirely clear, although you did seem to get the gist of it! The orientation is supposed to be a short and sweet introduction to your department. However, we would have liked a little bit more in the way of teaching.

So it's 'not a lesson' of the example "here's a puzzle, let's explore how to make it", but should cover some basic ground that you'll need to know to be able to use the software. For example, "what do we mean by an 'event'? How do we make one, and what are we supposed to do with it?" As well as covering a few basics of the UI such as taking a look at the event window and (over the course of the entire orientation) exploring the database. We don't want to overwhelm the player with information, so anything that requires a detailed explanation might be better off left for it's own lesson. E.g, It may seem too much to go through movement types/routes e.t.c with the student at this stage, but you might want to quickly 'introduce' the concept like "This controls the event's movement, 'autonomous' means..."

As for how you can show screenshots to the player without their T.U.T.O.R, you could always follow the example of the generator lesson and 'bring the images up on your own device' or come up with a creative excuse such as your magic. (I love the theme, btw! Your character is really cool, and I like how the classroom magically assembles ready for class to begin!)

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