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Sep 22, 2020
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hi, everyone!

this is my 1st post here. ive read some posts before posting to be sure this is nothing inappropriate and i think this will be alright, but please forgive me if i ask something wrong or something already solved somewhere else.

im using yanfly's plugins, most of them. right now, what im trying to achieve is a skill that targets one enemy and gives splash damage. looks simple but it have some other mechanics involved. heres an example:

imagine an actor throwing a mp grenade on an enemy. he will hit the enemy head with the nade causing some damage, the explosive, then, falls on the ground and explodes causing some other damage to the target and to the 2 enemies nearby on the same row, one above the primary target, one bellow.
the thing with the mp grenade is that it causes 100% of its damage on the target hp if the targets dont have any mp, otherwise, it causes 80% mp damage, 20% hp damage. looks weird, but its how its designed to work.

i got the damage calculated, with all its variants (effects caused by other states, buffs, etc) in some steps along the steps that yanfly's plugins offer.

now that im putting the skill in shape, theres a targeting problem. using the action sequence packages, im having trouble targeting the 2 possible enemies near the target. im trying to achieve something visually pertinent: nade hit target, causes damage that pops up, explodes, causes damage to everyone involved, that also pops up.

this is getting long... forgive me. ill get to the point:

yanfly's plugins have a targeting verbose in which we refer to when building these steps in the action sequence plugins and there are 2 particular terms that i thought i could use: "enemy x" and "actor x", where the "x" is the index of the battler during the battle.

saving the index on a variable, i thought i could achieve my goal by using: " HP -VARIABLE 31: ENEMY $gameVariables.value(32)" where variable 31 is the damage calculated and variable 32 has the battler index saved earlier.

BUT, this syntax dont work and my guess is that the "x" in the "enemy x" cant be a reference and needs to be a numerical number.

so, i need a way to point to this special targets in these special skills, maybe a complementary plugin or maybe its just something i missing.

again, sorry for the long text. thanks in advance.

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