Jul 10, 2020
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EDIT: I am a brain damaged fellow, if you're having the same issue as me use this (script call): $gameMap.event(X).setPriorityType(0)
It works well enough for this kind of thing, every time you touch the event you can walk through it and also take damage.
Somehow I always solve these things right after I post, huh...

Currently using this plugin and I have a question, does this script mess with Event Priorities in anyway?
I have an NPC/event that is set up so when you touch it, you lose HP. But I also want to have this NPC be able to be "walk-through", as in having the player walk right through it if the event touches the player, while ALSO having the event trigger as intended, so the player doesn't get stuck if the NPC corners the player and they die.
This setup works if the NPCs priority is set to "Below Characters" and the trigger is Event Touch on a normal map, but when using it in combination with FPLE MV it seems to be ignored. Is there another way I can use priorities? Or do I have to get creative with JS?
Sorry if this was already asked in this thread.
>inb4 use MV3D
This game is already nearing the end of development I don't think I should switch scripts


Did you name the textures correctly? From the Help document:
thank you for the response. however, I've moved to another plugin that made it way easier for first person to work with working textures


Aug 1, 2014
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I understand that the plug-in has been abandoned, but I'm so far in my project that I'll have to start from scratch if I move to another plugin.
I was wondering if someone has an answer to the following:
  • I've been facing an error whenever I get a battle encounter, it says the following
  • The filtering option (nearest neighbor/linear) is locked only to linear and it refuses to change despite changing it in the settings, did anyone manage to make it work?
  • This is less of a priority than the first two, but is there a way to use sprites larger than 48x48? They look awfully pixelated and smudgy.
I'm open to move to another plug-in, but I would be content to carry on with fple if I can figure out these problems. I just don't want to start over. Thank you.

Edit: never mind, I decided to go for MV3D instead. Got too frustrated with fple that I decided to move. Sorry if there's anyone still trying to figure this one out.
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