Jan 17, 2014
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ME_CopyActor 1.0.0

This plugin allows you to copy features from an actor to another one.

Copy from one actor to another:
- Looks
- Skills
- Class
- Traits
- States
- Equipment
- Buffs
- ...
- And all together!
You can also use it to create new actors mid-game, like mercenaries and monsters!


How to Use
You can use a plugin command, the new format allows the developer to see the comands in it. Just pick what you want to copy, from "origin" to "destiny" (actor ids from the database).
You can also use script calls like $, and actor x will get everything actor y has.
Beware, this kind of plugin may be incompatible with customized equipment systems, visual gear and the like.
Also, remember if you don't copy class or traits, your copied actor may be unable to learn some skills, have the same stats or wearing the same gear!

To install, it's the same as other plugins, place it on your project's folder/js/plugins, then link it in the plugin manager.

Terms of use

- Free to use as in money.
- Feel free to modify to redistribute it.
- This plugin comes as is, with no guarantees.
- I'll try to give support about it, but I can't say I will do it for sure.
Non Commercial:
- No credit required unless you modify it then credit yourself, in other words, no claiming as your own!
- Give credit me as the author of this plugin, I don't mind if you do so in some scene or some easter egg.
- Report any bugs, incompatibilities and issues with this plugin to me, even if you have someone else fixing them.

Terms of redistribution and disambiguation
- You must include a link to the original RPG Maker Forums Post plugin.
- You can add terms to it, but you can't remove or modify the ones already existent.
- You must follow LGPL 3.0.


Stuff I might do some day
- ME_GenerateActors: A plugin I did for MV for personal use, generates one actor based on another. I want to try to make it as an extension for this one.
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