Jan 17, 2014
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ME_SaveSystemCore 1.0.0

Save objects in a clean object and prevent save hacking!

For game developers:
- Set how many save files you want your game to have
- Prevent saves being hacked
For plugin developers:
- Dump your objects as a property to $me_CustomSave to save them!

Since I'm working on a large, important kit, I needed to save many items I couldn't just inject into native objects, so I came up with the idea of making my own, that way I can keep the original clean.
This reminded me about save editors and hackers that annoy some of the developers. I want my kit to have some defense against that kind of stuff (so the SaveSystemCore in the kit will be more difficult to crack open), so I made it so it doesn't save the same way, and has some verification settings too.
One add on while I was at it, since it's a typical issue on rpg maker, is that you cannot manage how many save files your game has, so I added a patch up to that.

- Finally completed the low tier security add-on
- First release


How to Use
(Game developer)
1. Add the plugin to <project folder>.
2. Configure the "Compression string" parameter. You can add anything, preferably with symbols, numbers and letters, but make sure there are no real words there!
3. Adjust the other two parameters as you'd like.
(Plugin developer)
1. Add your object, as a property of $me_CustomSave object.
2. Configure your object to not recreate your object, but use the one saved!
3. (Optional), after loading your object as your own, delete the property to take less memory from the player!

Terms of use
- Free to use as in money.
- This plugin comes as is, with no guarantees.
- Feel free to modify if you want to redistribute it.
- I'll try to give support about it, but I can't say I will do it for sure.
- No trying to crack the purposelly hidden code, it's for your own safety and your peers'.
- Any shared modifications must include a link to the original post in rpgmakerweb forums, and keep the original author in the header.
- Any shared modifications can have additional terms of use, but additional terms of use must not contradict the original.
Non Commercial use:
- No credit required unless you credit yourself, in other words, no claiming as your own!
Commercial use:
- Credit me as the author of this plugin, I don't mind if you do so in some scene or some easter egg. You can credit yourself too if you modified it.
- Report any bugs, incompatibilities and issues with this unmodified plugin to me, even if you have someone else fixing them.

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