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Jun 21, 2018
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By: BK Gaming Studios
Engine: RPGMV
Genre: ARPG/Stealth
MechGears is an action-rpg with an (optional if you wish so) stealth system. With gameplay and some of the settings inspired by the original MSX Metal Gear, MG2 Solid Snake, MG Ghost Babel and Metal Gear Solid.

An adventure crafted to homage and at the same time parody this series of games as a serious story gets a big side of irony and dark humor.

Join not-so-rookie mercenary girl “Blood Snake” Andy as she fights petty villains, greedy armies, strange creatures and giant mechanical enemies, as she is witness to the atrocities of war in punny named places, points out logic-flaws, and faces moral dilemmas that you can really care nothing about, as battles are fought with bullets, wits and a lack of seriousness.

Keep in mind this is a challenging game, not dark souls/sekiro/bloodborne “challenging”, as the point is not to spam the game over screen with unexpected one shots or death traps, but to create a need to know and use every tool given for a good performance, there are some QoL features that will help you if you struggle too much, but the skill toolkit, items and encounters are designed around resource management and use of CC (Crowd Control) abilities to manage populated encounters in case of active combat and the use of stealth to reduce potential enemy reinforcements and total numbers, the game autosaves before each big encounter or boss fight and the content is tested to ensure you have enough resources to get through the fight with plenty of pickups (if you don’t waste them) enemies will dodge your shots and ammo is not plenty the AI might not be great, but its not completely dumb.
  • A real time action battle system. Simple, but familiar to the MMO players, with a skill bar where abilities and tools can be slotted for quick access in combat.
  • A completely animated Weapons and tools system ranging from handguns to rocket launchers , vehicles and traps where every projectile is animated and thanks to collisions can be dodged.
  • Battle against mercenary soldiers, warlord armies, dictatorial governments, mechanical contraptions, and weird creatures through a wide range of environments.
  • Use the terrain and layouts to your advantage as you jump across tables and gaps, take cover behind destructible objects, ride vehicles and mounted weapons, silently sneak through vents and drains to skip past enemies or take them out whitout anyone noticing.
  • Call in for supplies and air attacks to rain on the enemy!
  • Make allies (or enemies) throughout the world as you take desicions on the field, will you risk letting them take your objective? Its the enemy of my enemy really my friend?
  • Accept numerous quests from your typical killing all the way to sneaking, rescuing prisoners and spy missions!
  • Get allies to support you on the battlefield with the mercenary system, for a price of course...
  • Detailed maps made thanks to the RM Community assets (and a lot of self-made things and edits), all in the style of the RTP, maps full of small details and a lot of interactable objects, custom behaviors and animations to fully flesh cutscenes, interactions, skills and battles.
With the worldwide oil reserves almost out, nations are warring for the remaining reserves, its world war 5 and while the race to harvest the next energy resource is on, war is the most profitable business, from weapon dealers to private mercenaries who sell to the highest bidder, lines are crossed as biological weapons are no longer taboo, genetically engineered soldiers and creatures are made on demand to get an edge on the field.

As chaos reigns on the battlefields and power is the only thing that matters, a group of scientists joined to create a solution to these devious needs and developed the "GEARS", war machines made to tip the scales of any conflict with superior firepower, impenetrable defenses and an advanced AI to reduce the need for soldiers, GEARS proved too effective and soon their designs got stolen and sold on the black markets, it didn’t take much time for GEARS to start appearing everywhere, from mass produced cheap copies which, ironically, needed pilots to improved and deadlier models with technology far beyond what small countries could afford, leaving them defenseless against the mechanical nightmares that fueled the war they were created to stop.

Everyone is now focused on who can add the most powerful GEAR to their arsenal as mercenaries, warlords, dictators, terrorists and guerrillas wreak havoc fighting for supremacy, this is a war-torn world where conflict is everywhere, everyday.

Amidst the chaos a mercenary unit "Titanium Wolves" is founded, fighting to restore some semblance of balance as their main goal, tipping the scales so legitimate governments can take control once more, helping villages oppressed by warlords, rescuing prisoners of war and taking care of soldiers who want to fight for what is right is what they do in this era of conflict, with most of the warring world against them, will they succeed in bringing a bit of peace or will they fail to stop the GEARS of war from spinning?

Game versión 0.3.1b
Not open for demo release yet as more testing and polishing needs to be done (along with finishing quests so they can be playable), will keep updating.

(Credits WIP will be adding to the list)
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