Medieval RTP style villager clothes.


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Nov 30, 2017
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I'm in need of villager clothes... A lot of them! So I need ideas! Can someone help?
Ideas like images, sprites, something I can base my clothes on...

-XP, VX, Ace or MV

Limitations and such....
1. Anything you post must be free to edit and available to commercial use.
2. Credits... Please don't post stuff without proper credits, if I'm not 100% sure I can use it, it's useless to me...

I need all ages - men, woman, professions (smith, lumberjack, carpenter.....), different kind of soldier armors (leather, chain, mail...)
AND some nice casual peasant clothes, RTP clothes are all kinda fancy looking :hsad:

My goal is to create tall villagers based on slightly edited Hiddenone sprites...
If all parts of costume are free to repost, I'll probably share results... We will see!!!

(don't want you to search this forum for me, I'm looking myself... but if you have some nice idea, saw some nice sprite, that would be great! Or anything on foreign sites, like japanese, french, german...)
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