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Al Samil

Jan 27, 2017
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Hello Adventure seeker!

Would you like to roam across snowy mountains, dangerous forests, enormous cities that have dark, dark secrets hidden behind their meek appearance?

Well... So would we!

The little problem is that, we don't have snowy mountains, dangerous forests nor enormous cities. But we DO have the dark secrets, sadly what we really need is a map, or several of them D=

So we're looking for mappers!!! Whoever who would like to help us make this world via aiding us build the MAPS is welcome =D.

It would be a free help, as the title says, of course that we would give you all the credit for the maps.

We're looking, as said before, maps for a medieval-like world, also maps for towns, castles, and dark creepy forests, along with mountains filled with snow and deadly ice.

Now, before anything, I’m sure you want to know what this is about, okay, allow me to tell you a story:

It is said that we all have a destiny to fulfill, one given to us by the great gods that rule this realm, these destinies, however, are not written down in stone and breaking free from them is easy, a simple betrayal of a pawn can unleash a chain of events that not even the over watchers of humanity had planned.

Vows of loyalty are not unheard of in this world, kings swear loyalty to their people, to the greater good and the gods, knights swear fealty to their kings, squires swear obedience to their knights, servants to their lords, and so a chain, many chains, an endless combination of links is made. When one breaks, only chaos will follow.

That link would be a young knight called Katrina Glaw, one of the protectors of kingdom Xandoj, a place known to be formed by alliances between kings, but also bathed in the blood of those who decided not to bend the knee to the three beasts of its flag.

This broken union will do the unthinkable: betray her king, leaving a kingdom in the middle of a struggle for power, just before the king’s last breath.

Two years have passed since that cowardly act, and the traitor has been captured, the now queen of Xandoj, Alexandra Stuart the first, daughter of King Phillip Stuar the IV, has been waiting for this moment, and now is out for revenge.

Will she manage to bring order to this kingdom once more? Or will chaos swallow her whole before she can find the truth that lies beneath the icy lands of Xandoj?
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