MEMZ_SavedTeleports. Use named teleports and return to where you came from!


Jan 17, 2014
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ME_SavedTeleports 1.1.0

Name your coordinates to teleport to them. You can also return to where you came from!

- Teleport by using names instead coordinates every teleport.
- Return to the place where you teleported from!
- Make "Castle in a bottle" items and events like FE: Fates "My castle"!
- Return to the entrance of your dungeon!

Some of you may know of my plugin "LastDoor". That plugin allowed you to return to the place you had teleported from. After some thinking it over, I thought what would happen if you were to link two dungeons and you wanted to return to the entrance of each.

Also, when you want one road to led you to one place in the world map, it's boring to just copy and paste the Transfer line or even the whole event to get you there... Or what if we just wanted an easy way to teleport "Anywhere"?

This is my solution to these issues!

You just save the coordinates with the command "Save", the same way you would do a normal transfer in the editor, but you also add a name. That way you can just "Transfer" to that name you saved earlier. But what if we want to make sure we can return to that point instead? I got you! Just use "Link Transfer". Instead of a normal teleport, it will also save where you are teleporting from. "Link Transfer" enables "Return" command, which, returns you to the place you last were in, when you used "Link transfer".


How to Use
Add the plugin to <project folder>/js/plugins .
You can use the command "Save" to name your teleport conditions, saving the coordinates, the transition effect and such into the teleport.
Names must be 3 characters long, cannot begin by number.
From there, you can use "Transfer", to initiate a normal teleport, just that using the name instead, or you can use "Link Transfer", to also save your location, so you can return there by using "Return" command on that name.

Terms of use
- Free to use as in money.
- Feel free to modify to redistribute it.
- This plugin comes as is, with no guarantees.
- I'll try to give support about it, but I can't say I will do it for sure.
Non Commercial:
- No credit required unless you modify it then credit yourself, in other words, no claiming as your own!
- Give credit me as the author of this plugin, I don't mind if you do so in some scene or some easter egg.
- Report any bugs, incompatibilities and issues with this plugin to me, even if you have someone else fixing them. (This thread, private message, github...)

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