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Jul 24, 2020
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I've recently started to port my VXA Menu Editor to MZ and things quickly got out of hand since I haven't touched the original in years and I've got quite a few ideas on how to enhance it. Though I'm not too sure on how useful these features are which is why I'm posting here.

The following features are currently planned
General menu customization:
  • Decently customizable title screen for the people who don't want to event it
  • Title bgm playlist/randomizer
  • Change the style (color, windowskin, background, background image and font) of each window in the game individually (including messages)​
  • Rearrange windows with position patterns​
  • Display certain values in the game menu such as playtime, stepcounter, secondary currencies and so on​
  • Rearrange the game menu order​
  • Properly exit the game from the menu/title instead of having to close it​
  • Different menu animations upon calling/leaving the menu​
  • Set up advanced player options (more info below)​
  • Fallback option to avoid messing with other third party scenes in case they don't use the standard window names​

Options during the game:
  • Enable/disable or fully hide menu options at any point in the game
  • Change menu styles, animations and fonts
  • Eventually advanced message window customization aswell as animations

Advanced player options:
  • Choose between the basic options menu and a more cleaned up categorized one (dev chooses, no the player)
  • Allow the player to customize the windows by changing the global style and color or choose from preset styles that you can set up yourself
  • Difficulty setting (done via a variable. This is just going to be the option, you'll have to deal with the rest yourself)
  • Language setting (also done via a variable. Same conditions as above)
  • Input settings
  • All options are of course set up and saved properly so they don't reset after closing the game

I've already started writing the code but I'm still at the beginning. Here is what I got so far:
  • Rearrange the game menu order
  • Additional exit/quit option on title/menu
  • Enable/disable or hide menu options on the fly during the game
  • Player customization of the windows
  • Parts of the overall window customization
  • Additional display options for the menu (playtime, stepcounter)

The whole process of making this is going to take me quite a while since I'm doing this next to a full time job. I'm not sure whether this really is a good idea since it might at some point turn more into a general engine rather than sticking to menu/window customization. Also not sure if I'll provide it for free or not depending on how big it gets.

Any input/suggestions/critiques are highly appreciated. Thanks for reading :)

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