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Discussion in 'JS Plugin Requests' started by wonderjosh3000, Jan 19, 2019.

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    So I've scoured the cyberweb looking for any kind of plugin on how to transition to the menu screen, as in, perhaps, have the menu command list slide in from the left and the actor window slide in from the right, and so on. Rather than just pop in suddenly (or fade in, since I've seen plugins for that).

    I DID find this thread from the Releases forum, and even made a teeny necropost for some help on it,
    but to no avail as of yet. It does a good job, but I was trying out SRD's Super Tool Engine to rearrange the menu windows and since the tween plugin doesn't regard that, it moved most of the windows way off screen. I did try to play around with the values in the script to see how to alter it, but only managed to figure out how to slow down the animation and not say "start here" and "end here" since there's no annotation in the script.

    Anyways, I'm asking if anyone knows of such a plugin. OR, I suppose, this could also be considered a support post in the sense if anyone could tell me what needs to be altered in the plugin from the link above to adjust the animation start and stop positions of the windows.

    BIG thanks to anyone who helps. Much appreciated.
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