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Jun 29, 2017
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Shadows of the Earth: The Vrila'an Legend tells the story of a fallen god, looking for revenge against a human who, because of his power, was able to attack his realm, and kill all of his peers. But why did this happen?
Travel as Joseph, the God of Courage, in order to find people who can help you fight this powerful foe, and find your siblings who you never got to know while in Efgartha, the realm of the gods to uncover the mystery that unleashed this war.​
Being a game heavily focused on battles and inspired by the Tales of Series, Shadows of the Earth: The Vrila'an Legend uses a special iteration of the
Linear Motion Battle System
The ATM-LMBS : Advanced Technical Multishift - Linear Motion Battle System
  • Control a character in real time battles against groups of enemies both in ground and air.​
  • Use special techniques known as Elents: Countless attacks with inmense power to be unleashed (You can spam them, don't worry).​
  • Maximize your combos with Chain Elents: Follow up Elents activated by a single button.​
  • Skyrocket your damage with Altered Union Elents: Special Elents that are a force to be reckoned with.​
  • When the enemy is too powerful, activate Overflux to gain knockback/stun resistance and no cost for Elents.​
  • Ascend into Spirit Force as your last resort to win the battle.​
  • Unleash One of three Limit Elents: Elents that are the culmination of elemental mastery of the characters.​
  • Seamless character switch mid-battle.​
  • No Spell-pause: Spells never stop the action from happening!​
  • Mobile Casting: Mages can reposition at any time to avoid damage.​
  • Target Lock-on. Start the battle ready to cast spells at a single foe, or change your target at any time.​
  • Blink Chase: An special ability that allows you to pursue enemies during a combo, no matter how far you launch them.​
  • Multiplayer: Join forces with up to 3 friends to bring an end to this war.​
Character and Equipment Features
  • With 13 characters to choose from, create formations up to 4 characters in battle.​
  • Equip up to 8 Elents per character (4 Ground + 4 Aerial) to engage.​
  • Increase your combo potential with Fluxites to increase your FLUX Capacity.​
  • Earn titles by doing specific actions. All characters have access to titles.​
  • Upgrade equipment with augments: Special Parts that increase stats, grant bonuses and even allow you to learn new elents!.​
  • Craft augments with monster parts, or find them exploring.​
  • Spend Potential Energy Shards to activate special effects upon equipping Passive Elents
  • Battle up to 8 foes with in-map encounters on. World map has random encounters.​
  • Fight against massive bosses with a single objective: decimating you.​
  • Engage human enemies that can also perform combos and Limit Elents: May the strongest win.​
  • Not enough of a challenge? Face off against Wandering Bosses: Powerful monsters that roam the entire country of Angorian looking for a showdown.​
  • Difficulties: From Training to Chaos, change difficulties to learn the gimmicks of the battle system or empower enemies to challenge yourself.​
Delve into the world's mysteries and events:
  • Explore Angorian: Many locations await adventurers to find treasure, or to free them from the claws of evil.​
  • Join the cast in exploring their lives, and how their fates connect to each other.​
  • Cooking! Cook dishes that offer healing, battle perks such as stat increases, resistances, and permanent bonuses!​
  • Skits!​
Shadows of the Earth fully supports gamepads now: plug it and enter the fight!
The last god in Efgartha. Joseph embodies the spirit of courage, and embarks in a journey to find the human that was able to destroy his realm, and get revenge. Joseph uses Fire as his primary element, with swords as his primary weapon.
The Commander of the Angorian Army. Saving Joseph from drowning, she resolves to help him due to political affairs rather than personal ones. Uses Water as her primary element, wielding a greatsword, and high defense.
A hunter, renowned for his sight and accuracy. He is Perla's brother, he's been always a loner, and will stay that way, as long as his sister is safe. Darkness is his primary element. He wields a pair of weapons known as handcannons, and fights at distance. (In game terms and history)
Perla's daughter, Wendy is an energetic girl who sometimes is too energetic for herself. She has a lot to learn from the world... and herself.
Uses water as her primary element. Wields a spear and can fight in the air more time than the others.
A swordwielder from a distant land. Friendly with Perla, Takeshi belongs to a clan that settled on Angorian, and from then, Takeshi has been helping out. Wind is his primary element, and wields a curved shaped sword known as a katana (In game terms and history).
An elent master, Cielo is known for her elemental mastery and overall knowledge. She appears to recognize Joseph... are they related?
Wields a staff as her weapon, and can control Ice and Light elements. Can also channel Healing Elents.
A retired veteran from the Army. Mike comes back due to a series of events that leds him to join Joseph's side to resolve these events.
Uses an axe as his weapon, and wields Thunder elents.
A new recruit into the army. Charles joined in hopes of getting enough Silva to take his sister with him to cure her from an unknown sickness caused by a demon. Wields a hammer, and is an avid spellcaster. Uses Earth Elents.
A man knoledgeable in martial arts. Ryan traveled from a far land and settled in Angorian due to the attacks that demons have been doing.
Wields gauntlets, and uses Wind as his primary element.
Part of the Velhi'koz tribe, Stella left her tribe after saving a man from the outerlands, in hopes of exploring these off-limits.
Wields claws, knows martial arts, and uses Wind as her element.
The Riding Squad Leader, Solat joins the team due to Perla's insistence in keeping tabs on him, due to his hotheaded nature.
Wields a hammer, and uses Thunder as his primary element.
A demon paladin, Shadow was defeated by him, and was banished to the mortal realm: Terraquia. He awaits for allies to challenge his fated foe again. Wields two swords, with Darkness as his element.
A librarian and a healer, Titania traveled to Angorian following the havoc of his forces, to reach out to those who can still be saved.
Wields a book, and uses Light as her primary element. She can empower allies and weaken enemies.
Kamil Zepphri
The human who began everything, he is the one that brought down the gods, and will consume Thessea.
Edmund Gaiax
Kamil's right hand, a great strategist and commander with a long hatred for gods.
Gianna Crestfallen
Kamil's self proclamed lover and assistant. She will do everything in her power to make her beloved happy.
An unknown foe who lurks in the dark with mysterious powers.​

More enemies await you in the lands of Terraquia!​
A long time ago, gods were thriving in Efgartha. They gave their gifts to those who lived in Terraquia: the mortal realm. They watched as humans improved more and more, until they were able to reach them. By this time, Gods created artifacts that granted humans who found them, their innermost wishes.
One day, an emperor, claimed to be the most thoughtful and generous by his people, found an artifact: The Kaileg Stone. Instead of claiming his wish, he secured the stone and changed its location in hopes of safekeeping it from wrong hands, but a sneaky demon followed him...
Days later, a portal appeared in Efgartha, and many gods flocked to the phenomenon, since no human had been capable of reaching them since early days.
Their surprise was great, as an army emerged from the portal, with clear intent of killing them. But their plan had one mistake: Gods can't be killed on Efgartha.
Said mistake was quickly corrected, by opening more portals and throwing them to Terraquia, were immortality held no importance. The entire pantheon was slaughtered... but by a miracle, a single god survived, the youngest of them... The God of Courage.
Armed with the knowledge of his lost family, and the name of his foe, the young god traveled to Terraquia, intent on exacting revenge against his enemy.
The Vrila'an Legend is set on the universe of Athelia Prime. The adventure itself takes place on the world called Thessea.
One of many worlds that have seen many tales arise, and be told to future generations.
Thessea is divided in three realms.​
  • Efgartha: The Realm of the Gods.​
  • Terraquia: The Mortal Realm​
  • Neviliham: The Realm of the Demons.​
The three realms were in peace, but Neviliham never interacted with the other two realms. Until he brought a catasthrope to the entire world.
The world is governed by two energies:​
  • Ether: The elemental energy that exists in everything and empowers Ether Elents.​
  • Flux: The physical energy that envelopes every living thing, and allows superior feats.​



Blink Chase in Action

Captura de pantalla (496).png
Captura de pantalla (491).png
Combo Exhibition

Demo includes the merged type A & B versions.
https://joterra.itch.io/sotetvl (Same as Mediafire)

Alternate Links:
https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArfssgYm5G7cix7otCEpr3tUIwrI?e=4AHHGv (OneDrive)

Uploading on more hosts...

Hello, this is my first game (Officially at least). So i'm excited to hear your critiques, and be sure i'll take them to heart. Thank you in advance!
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Oct 8, 2018
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I can give it ago, cannot promises anything as a bit busy in RL.
congras so far on releasing a demo :)


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Jun 29, 2017
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First update!. There's going to be another demo. This next one will be on advanced levels so you can play with the characters with an increased amount of Elents unlocked. Chain Elents and Overflux abilities available and more!
Here's a preview of some of the characters that you will be able to play in the next demo!

You can also listen to the 4 songs available in the demo!

and @ShadowDragon thank you for your words, hope you give it a go when you got time :rwink:!


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Jun 29, 2017
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In other news, i promised another demo. But there's actually two, here's what to expect from the Type M demo:

(This is a small test to check for gameplay errors)
That's right, the Type M demo actually incorporates the promised Local Multiplayer feature for the ATM-LMBS. With support up to four players using gamepads.
Keep in tune for updates!


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Jul 15, 2013
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I prefer brunettes IRL but this isn't real life so I voted for blondes.

Anyway. This looks fun!
Am I allowed to play it or the downloadable version is too old?


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Jun 29, 2017
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This is a big post.
First of all, let me start with the demos: Both demos have been merged into one, meaning.
The Basic Demo and the Advanced Demo are one now, the game will prompt for an option, whether you want to play the basic or the advanced.
As for what each demo entails:
The basic demo contains the first minutes of the game (Truly, this time there's almost no game breaking bugs i swear) allowing you to play with up to 4 characters until the second story boss. You also get a preview of what is the upgrade system, the Passive Elent System, and Chain Elent skill.

The advanced demo is for those who already played the outdated basic demo version, since this new one and the old are the same (just without the bugs). This demo contains a bit more of story, 8 characters and almost all features of the Advanced Technical Multishift Linear Motion Battle System, which are:​
  • - Chain Elent Skill
  • - Alteration Elent Skill
  • - Limit Elent Skill
  • - Overflux Skill
  • - Blink Chase Skill
Along with these features, certain battles for your enjoyment have been added, so you can play for as long as you want:
  • - Makeria Cameo Battle (These will almost literally kick your ass)
    • -> Rook Valorie (GenericFantasyDev's Cameo Character)
    • -> Black Mage (Black Mage's Cameo Character)
    • -> O'Donell (TRIDIUM's Cameo Character)
    • -> Holder (Holder's Cameo Character)
  • - Normal Rank Arena Battle (These not so much)
  • - Easy Rank Arena Battles (Neither those)
  • - 2 Wandering Bosses (These might kick your ass)
Also, here's the changelog
  • - Fixed load game bug
  • - Fixed weird crash related to YEP_AutoPassiveStates
    • To avoid this, you might have to eat an extra cutscene during boss fights. Thankfully, losing a random encounter will only throw you out of the fight. (Unless you're at the... i can't say yet :) ).
  • - Fixed event after defeating Miner Orc
  • - Fixed Font being unreadable
  • - Fixed Incorrect Gamepad Buttons
  • - Changed Tutorial overlay to reflect the correct control schemes
  • -> Tutorial prompts now are split for Keyboard and Gamepad: The game will try to listen for any gamepads during the tutorial, and will display only the buttons for the gamepads. Else, it will display keyboard keys. (Currently under test, you can select your preferred device on the Basic Demo)
  • - Fixed A.I going dumb after selecting Easy as difficulty
  • - Slightly improved A.I Decision making in increased difficulties
  • - Small fixes to various Elents.
  • - Fixed Takeshi and Perla having the wrong starter Elents equipped.
  • - Slightly improved performance thanks to NW.js update
  • - Fixed Normal Attack Chain not working in demo.
  • - Fixed warning about encounters not appearing correctly after leaving the Bridge
  • - Fixed Guard button not working in gamepads.
  • - Fixed some events going too fast, so fast that the event reposition and dissapearance was shown
  • - Fixed some Elents having Spanish Translation that should not be available yet
  • - Fixed "ENEMY" HP Bar appearing also on "ALLIES"
  • - Fixed wrong spell casting reductions and calculation
  • - FOCUS no longer affects casting time. Instead, effectiveness has been raised towards affecting Status Effects, FLUX Reload amount, and Critical Hit Strength. A high FOCUS count will grant increased critical power and stun duration
  • - Added an extra menu after losing a boss fight: You can retry the battle, load your saved game or go to the main menu
  • - Added Learn Potential tab to the main menu. More info in-game
  • - Added the first shop in Berdem. Starter Kit is still given to players (5 Ether Apples, 5 Ether Oranges)
  • - Added Spellcast Bars: These bars show the progress related to spells. Appear for both allies and enemies
  • - Added Sound Test: Allows you to listen to the songs you've heard at least once. It may contain spoilers.
  • - Reduced enemy attack regularity
  • - Reduced Enemy HP
  • - Normal attacks have been overhauled. Takeshi explains the new mechanic before entering Eidolon Mines
    • -> Each character has access to 4 base normal attacks. Can be extended up to 7 with the Combo Plus skills
    • -> Mage Characters have only access to one normal attack.
  • - Increased Duration of Dodge
    • Now displays the text PERFECT! when sucessfully dodging an impact
  • - Replaced Rising Strike (Joseph) with a stronger version.
  • - Changed Rising Strike usability type from Aerial to Free
  • - Replaced Burning Edge (Joseph) with a stronger version
  • - Ally/User Spell time slightly increased.
  • - Certain team skills are now available during the basic demo.
    • -> All Team skills are available in the advanced demo
  • - Takeshi's Union Elents have new knockback properties.
    • -> Chain properties have been tweaked.
  • - (Not on Demo) Wendy's Elents have been tweaked
    • -> Lunar Rondo reworked
    • -> Sapphire Spear Sigma reworked
    • -> Tearing Moon's hitboxes adjusted
    • -> Riptide's hitboxes adjusted
  • - (Not On Demo) Mike's Elents have been tweaked
    • -> Thunder Crescent's knockback increased.
    • -> Decreased damage on Power Wave
    • -> Increased Movement Length on Sonic Strike
  • - (Not On Demo) Ryan's Elents have been tweaked
Combo capabilities have been improved in:
  • - Wyrm Hurricane
  • - Hurricane Orb
  • - High Impact
  • - Palm Strike
  • - Lightspeed Strike

- Finished new mechanic -> Blink Chase​

Blink Chase is a Passive Elent that unlocks the ability to chase enemies when some moves launch them too far. This ability needs to be equiped in the Offense slots, and to activate its effect "C" is to held down during the move.

After the last hit of the Elent, the character will "Link" on the enemy, following it as long as its in the hitbox. This ability can only be used by the controlled character, provided that the ability itself is equipped. (Currently not working on Gamepads)

  • - Updated Sprites / HUD's / Animations
  • - Chain animation added
  • - Alteration animation added
  • - Battler Visual Updates
    • >Most Battlers now have their weapons out during the fight.
    • >Added animations for enemies
    • >Some bosses have improved animations (They're still somewhat static)
Sadly mapping is still awful :(
Always remember to check the Guide if you forget something!
Please let me know if any bugs arise.
Download Links are already updated!
Have fun!
TL: DR: There's a new Demo Available from today that contains both Basic and Advanced Versions!
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