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Nov 19, 2016
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Just some basic and common commands for RM2k/3
Describes some basic and common commands for message boxes in RM2k/3


\C[n] Show a text color. n=a number(1 to 19)
\S[n] Set the text speed. n=a number(1 to 20) 1 is the fastest(without pauses) and 20 is the slowest.
\N[n] Show the name of a hero. n=hero's number.Note that 0 will write the name of your party's leader.
\V[n] Show a variable value. n=variable's number.
\$ A box appears showing your current money.
\! Put that before a word. You will have to press enter to show that word but it will be in the same box than the others.
\. 1/4 of delay before the next letter.
\| 1 delay before the next letter.
\^ The message end without you need to press enter.
\> \< Displays the part of the message between \> and \< instantly.
\\ Shows "\".
\_ Shows half a space.


\C[0] Normal color(Light blue)
\C[1] Blue
\C[2] Orange
\C[3] Grey
\C[4] Yellow
\C[5] Dark red
\C[6] Purple
\C[7] Pink
\C[8] Shinning orange
\C[9] Green
\C[10] Dark blue
\C[11] Red
\C[12] Snots green
\C[13] Dark purple
\C[14] Gold
\C[15] Light green
\C[16] Dark dark purple
\C[17] Grey-blue
\C[18] Dark green
\C[19] Brown

$A Sword
$B Shield
$C Star of Salomon
$D Sun
$E Moon
$F Mercury
$G Venus
$H Venus(inversed)
$I Mars
$J Jupiter
$K Saturn
$L Uranus
$M Neptune
$N Pluto
$O Aries
$P Taurus
$Q Gemini
$R Cancer
$S Leo
$T Virgo
$U Libra
$V Scorpio
$W Sagitarius
$X Capricorn
$Y Aquarius
$Z Pisces

$a Smiling face
$b Neutral face
$c Sad face
$d Sweat 1
$e Sweat 2
$f Spade(clear)
$g Hearth(clear)
$h Stand(clear)
$i Club(clear)
$j Spade(filled)
$k Hearth(filled)
$l Stand(filled)
$m Club(filled)
$n Skull
$o X cross
$p Sun
$q Moon
$r Dot
$s Up arrow
$t Right arrow
$u Down arrow
$v Left arrow
$w Up-right arrow
$x Down-right arrow
$y Down-left arrow
$z Up-left arrow


Posted over on RPG by kentona
thought i'd bring them over for all you guys whom mite need it

hope you guys find this useful!! :kaohi:
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