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    I am currently testing out trial versions of both RPG Maker VX Ace and MV. I'm weighing out which engine I want to purchase, so I would appreciate it if someone could help me out before my 30-day trials are over.

    With that said, can anyone modify a message busts script for me? I want it to look like this:


    (That screenshot is from MV using certain plugins.)

    The script I'm using now (Yami and Napoleon's bust script, which you can find here) makes it so that it looks like this:


    I want the portrait to be at the left side of the text. Can anyone help? I'm completely clueless when it comes to scripts, so please forgive me.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this!

    EDIT: I've messed around with the "WINDOW_TYPE_OFFSET_X" and "WINDOW_TYPE_OFFSET_Y" settings, and managed to put the portrait at the left side. However, when there's more than 3 lines of text, it's no longer attached to the bottom of the text box, if that makes any sense. I want it to be connected to the bottom of the text box no matter how many lines of text there are.
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