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Jun 14, 2017
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[edit: Ack sorry, I guess I should have read the rules before I posted. This one is only in the idea stages. Sorry!]

This is in pre-development, so I have no screenshots or gameplay samples yet. Also this is really just the bones of the story. Once I start writing ideas tend to fall into place so the finished product will have many more interesting points than are expressed here.


Dai is an imperial officer for the highly advanced planet of Eran. They frequently groom undeveloped planets into powerful allies, hidden behind the scenes, never revealing to the undeveloped planets that they are not alone in the universe. Dai is accidentally discovered using his advanced technology, and the locals of Clypset declare him their deity. Dai sees an opportunity and intentionally enacts the sacred prophecy of Clypset. Whether or not he was truly fulfilling the prophecy or just pretending to is up for debate. Dai gets addicted to the feeling and decides to get himself declared a deity on a number of other undeveloped planets. He starts to believe he was sent by God to do this. Some in the order of Eran support him and feel he is working for the greater good, and others wish to stop him and feel that he is ultimately doing harm and only trying to feed his ego. Dai's former commanding officer, Gaetan, decides to make it his project to stop him.

- A number of planets to explore, both advanced and undeveloped.
- A number of different classes of fighter. Every planet has it's own set of classes.
- An original soundtrack. This I won't have to hire anybody for, I can do it myself.
- Original graphics. I'm hoping to hire somebody to do hand drawn graphics.
- Custom battle system.
- Custom menu system.

Brought to you by Telephasic Workshop.
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