Metal Gear Mountain Dew


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Dec 20, 2012
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Metal Gear Mountain Dew

Because mountain dew is worth it.

This was my game entry which came 4th in the RPG maker quest for fun competition on vxace forum, back in 2012 xD

A little background first. Basically the concept of the game came from one of the best games I've ever played: Metal Gear Solid. I loved the stealth, the storyline, gameplay, characters.. Of course I haven't came close to making a game like MGS, but a lot of the features, sounds, and ideas have came from it and I've just twisted some humour into it with the mission to get some Mountain Dew. You see, I live in UK and our Mountain Dew supplies are limited! I thought I'd put 1 and 1 together and here we have MGMD, Metal Gear Mountain Dew!

No RTP Included: http://www.mediafire...nxy1adtjuwuh55e (33MB)

Both games are not encrypted, so you can view and learn within if needbe. But please don't dive right into the source, at least try the game for me first. Some parts of the game may be hard / annoying / require several attempts, but I'd rather that than just cheating for the passcodes etc If needbe to advance / test though, feel free to skip ahead or view how it's done.

The end game time is probably around 13-14 minutes, maybe faster if you view the source and ace it, However, i've based the game on an average of losing too (since the clock can't add the gametime of game overs). I'd imagine it'd bring the limit above 15, maybe even towards 25 if you're struggling. Therefore I think it meets the threshold! I trust everyone will be caught at least once haha!


Credits are shown within the manual provided and end game in the actual credits. I will list them here too however:

Credits:Inspired by Metal Gear Solid; Konami.


Celianna Tilesets

Faces: Grandmadeb (I think?), Mr Dai


Konami / Hideo Kojama?


V.M.of D.T.


Khas Lighting

JV Master




Everything is copyright to their respective owners. If you should be in this list

let me know, my intention is not to claim any work that's NOT mine as my


If you have any questions, comments or concerns let me know here! If you find any serious bugs also notify me so I can tweak before the end date and upload a polished version of the game. A manual is provided which teaches basics, and again credits the above.

Thanks a lot for playing and checking it out, best of luck to you all,


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