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Jul 5, 2017
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Author: MihailJP from the JP forums

[MihailJP] Nice to meet you.

I made a plug-in that does not make the actor who became incapacitated unable to act but attacks allies as if he became a zombie.

How to use
  1. Prepare a state for "zombie conversion" in an empty number in the state list (assumed to be number 11 here).
  2. Specifies the behavioral constraint for the "zombied" state. At this time, if you set it to "None", it will be considered that the enemy and ally have been reversed and will act automatically. Other than "none", it has the same meaning.
  3. Set the plug-in parameter "Death State Number" to 11.
  4. Enter <zombifiable> in the memo field of the actor to be "zombied". If you do not enter it, you will not be able to fight as usual. Enemy characters will not be "zombied".
* If you add a plug-in, it will not be reflected in the battle test unless you save it. (I've been addicted to this)

About behavior
  • Actors who have become "zombies" are treated as incapacitated.
  • You will be defeated if everyone in the party is "zombied" or incapacitated.

Published on

https://github.com/MihailJP/mihamzplugin/blob/master/ZombieActor.js The

license is Unlicense.
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