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    mw banner.png

    Minimum Wage is a comedic RPG set in a bizarre alternate reality full of surprises. You play as a young man known as Scott, who after moving to a new town to start his life over, ends up entangled in an elaborate corporate conspiracy. The game will have a heavy focus on character interaction and story, while offering an old school turn based battle system with a few twists here and there. Overall the goal is to provide a simply designed but enjoyable experience.

    The game takes a lighthearted tone, but isn't afraid to explore some more serious themes from time to time. It will be a largely linear experience but with some side content and plenty of exploration available should the player be interested. There is also a large emphasis on customization, being able to build and design each party member to fit your play-style through various systems.

    The game follows a young man called Scott's move to a new town and the events that follow. After having a dark past few years in his life he decided it was time to move elsewhere and get his life back on track. However, things don't go exactly as planned when he finds his new job is plagued with a string of mysterious robberies. To make matters worse, a mega corporation known simply as UmbraTech is on the rise, impeding on the local businesses in town. Through a series of events out of his control, Scott soon finds himself in the middle of this corporate battle, hoping for a chance to just have a normal life once more.

    One of the main focuses of this game is the variety of characters and how they interact with each-other, which makes this section rather hard to make small! That being said, there's still many characters and secrets to be found in the main game not shown here, minor or major.

    Age: 19
    Occupation: Night Guard
    Specialty: Brooding
    Favorite Band: The Black Death Hawks
    Scott is a young man with a dark past and uncertain future. After ending up in a gang with his best friend, and the tragedies that followed after. Scott made the decision to move to a new town and get a fresh, clean start. He wants more than anything to have some time to think, but it doesn't seem like that will be an option anytime soon. This frustration has lead to him to be rather blunt and brutally honest most of the time, usually to his detriment.

    Age: 24
    Occupation: Cashier
    Specialty: Over-sized Ego
    Favorite Quote: "Freedom is within us all, probably." - Frank McSmooth
    Harvey is a bit of an unwilling loner, ever since high school he’s yet to really go anywhere with his life, or find that special someone. While that doesn’t stop him from trying, it seems as if there’s something holding him back that he wouldn’t care to admit. For now, he sticks to his old ways of being a sarcastic loser.

    Big Bob
    Age: 59
    Occupation: Savvy Businessman
    Specialty: Suffering
    Favorite Hobby: Swimming
    Bob’s life can be summarized with two words: pain and suffering. It seems no matter what he does misfortune eventually strikes, making it hard to blame him for being so grouchy. Is his suffering just bad luck or is there a dark force behind it? No matter what it may be, as the days go by he only goes farther off the deep end. At this point, he's basically a ticking time bomb.

    Age: 17
    Occupation: Masked Hero
    Specialty: Cool Outfits
    Favorite TV Show: Bird Squad
    Riley is a mysterious figure that sends mild fear into the hearts of many jaywalkers and loiterers. Little is known about her and her true identity behind her mask. What motivates her to fight for good? Does she have any powers? Is Riley even her real name? What is her favorite kind of sandwich? All good questions she'll likely never answer. Those that get a chance to talk with her say she is rather eccentric and unpredictable, but has a good heart.

    Age: ???
    Occupation: Uh…
    Specialty: Hm...
    Favorite Day: Tuesday
    Hopkins lives on the outskirts of town with his father Adkins. Nobody really bothers talking to either of them, probably because they aren’t the most normal of people. However, they seem to know something nobody else does. Are they just bluffing or is something big really about to happen? Either way, it seems the best way to approach them is to well, never approach them.

    The Shadowmaster
    Age: ???
    Occupation: CEO
    Specialty: "HIDING IN THE SHADOWS!!!"
    Favorite Instrument: The Organ
    The Shadowmaster is the owner of Umbra Corporation, a name he must’ve thought was very cool. He’s oddly upfront about his evil intentions but due to his overall personality and lack of any real power must people just brush him off as a crazy man-child. However, as his company has grown in stature real concerns might just start to rise.

    Age: 18
    Occupation: Student
    Specialty: Paranormal Investigation
    Favorite Book: The Fisherman and the Inexplicably Large and Inconvenient Taxes on Boat Rentals
    Sophie is what most people would consider a normal teenage girl for the most part, however, often times she can be seen running around town in a panic, breaking into people's homes, and seemingly causing a lot of trouble. Yet, for some reason, the police always look the other way. Just what is she up to?

    Age: 22
    Occupation: Waitress
    Specialty: Poetry
    Favorite TV Show: Ghost Quest
    Vienna is a quiet girl who generally minds her own business. She's often seen jumping between whatever jobs she can find to keep herself afloat. Nobody really knows if she even has any friends, only ever being spotted at her job or heading back to her apartment alone. Despite graduating at the top of her class, she doesn't seem to be interested in heading off to University either. While there is a lot of questions to ask about her, most people don't really try and pry, either out of respect or fear.

    Minimum Wage features a simple and traditional turned based combat system at its core, but with more unconventional skill sets and enemies to spice things up. When going into this project my goal was to make something easy to pick up and understand from the start but with a lot of room to experiment with party set-ups and strategies by the end of the game. However, that doesn't mean there isn't any mechanics worth mentioning.

    Character Specialization:
    Pictured Above: Each characters has two skill-sets you can choose to specialize in and improve, or maybe even a combination of both...

    One of the things I wanted to accomplish was to allow for some form of customization in order to spice up combat and let players really experiment. I came to the conclusion of having two different "skill pools" for each character that they can choose to learn skills from as they level up. In the picture above, I use Hopkins as an example, his two skill pools being Improvise and Thievery.

    Improvise contains skills that make use of different items that the player may come across for some potent buffs, debuffs, and damaging attacks. Focusing on this can really make Hopkins a powerhouse so long as you keep him well supplied. Thievery, on the other hand, contains skills with some great utility, and really focus on Hopkins' high agility stat. This can make him a powerful support role that can get valuable items for the party and cripple the enemy with a barrage of high-speed attacks. However, both of these skill pools are also designed to be able to play into each-other, should one desire. Improvise compliments the stealing ability of Thievery excellently, and Thievery can be used to really take advantage of some of the buffs that Improvise provides to potentially create a self-sustaining monster.

    This sort of philosophy goes into every character to hopefully obtain an interesting system that allows for experimentation and possibly even repeat play-throughs. You will not be able to get every ability that the characters have to offer so you ought to choose carefully.

    Unforgiving Buffs/Debuffs:
    This is a minor mechanic but one that I really enjoy. In battle, you are able to get the typical buffs and debuffs you're known to expect (-Attack, +Speed, etc.) but with a tiny twist. These never expire throughout the battle, meaning that once that boss buffs his Offense, it's not going back to normal unless you go out of your way to do something about it. On the flip-side, this also assists you and makes boosting moves much more valuable to use in every fight. I decided to do this to help add another factor to every battle that makes you really consider what the right move is.

    The Black Market and Secrets:
    Expect to see this face a lot throughout your play-through.

    Another thing in the game I really wanted to encourage was exploration. I love putting little hidden details in maps and it can suck when those get skipped over, so I came up with The Black Market to deal with this. Throughout the game, as you explore you will come across Knob Coins hidden around locations. These coins can be used in the hidden black market in town, ran by the rather odd Johnny Knobs. The Black Market contains many of the games most unique and interesting gear as well as few special side-activities to earn some more coins or special prizes.

    However, not every secret is created equally, some come be a lot more than just a Knob Coin and lead to a special side quest or could just be a few nice items. The game will keep track of the secrets you come across, to help further encourage exploration. I'm considering adding a special bonus for someone who manages to find every secret, but what that will be exactly still needs to be figured out.

    Other Features:
    • The game will have no random encounters and feature only on-map encounters. Furthermore, the amount of encounters roaming around is rather small, and once they're gone, they're gone. This is to ensure that there is a minimal and max level to balance around for major fights to prevent the need to go back and grind is rare. However, in a worst case scenario there will be an area in the game where players can choose to fight as many monsters as needed to catch up if they feel they are falling behind. However, this comes at a price in order to avoid over-leveling. These fights also do not provide the points needed to unlock skills.
    • Interesting Enemies. I've attempted to design each enemy to have something you need to work around in order to discourage mindless spam. It could be as simple as needing to kill an enemy before it transforms, as it buffs itself more and more in preparation for this, or a mechanic where enemies need to be defeated in a certain order or way. This idea does make designing enemies more time consuming. To compensate for this, I've gone with an approach of quality over quantity. Each area may have much less enemies to fight overall, but they will function more like mini-bosses to keep you on your toes.

    These aren't all of the major features planned for the game, I plan to reveal more as development progresses as things are not quite set in stone, so stay tuned!


    Note: These screenshots are heavily subject to change and likely will not represent the final version.
    Game_2018-08-17_09-02-43.png Game_2018-08-17_08-17-49.png
    Game_2018-08-17_08-19-50.png Game_2018-08-17_08-41-32.png
    Game_2018-08-17_08-52-10.png Game_2018-08-17_08-54-51.png Game_2018-08-17_08-21-29.png

    Story - 70%

    The story at this point is almost entirely planned out. I’m in the process of reworking a few major elements but the groundwork is there. This should be at 100% pretty soon!

    Mechanics - 30%

    The base and most important mechanical features of the game are almost entirely implemented at this point but there is a lot of databasing, tweaking, and balancing ahead to really flesh things out.

    Eventing - 10%

    As the game has gone through a bit of a heavy rewrite since the start of development, eventing had to almost entirely be started over. That being said, I was able to salvage a lot of already evented scenes, areas, etc. and just re-purpose them to better fit the new direction the game is going. There’s still quite a lot to do here, though!

    Mapping - 5%

    Same situation as with the events, while I am unfortunately not able to salvage too much, there was a few maps I made for the old version that will still be used in some capacity.

    Side Content and Polish - 3%

    This will come last, all the fancy visuals and effects, as well as side quests will be the final thing I work on once I have the base game completed. I’m not planning for much extra at this time but there could be enough that this stage could take a bit. I am doing this part last to ensure that none of the work towards these things go to waste due to any changes or issues that could occur in development. I've already made a few of these visual changes for the screenshots and such just to show more accurately what the finished game could look like. Otherwise, this would definitely be at 0%.


    Coming soon! I'm considering creating a website for development updates as well as a YouTube channel, and maybe even a Discord server if enough people are interested.


    Stay tuned for the demo! I plan to have a 1-2 hour available for download before the game is complete. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the progress of this!

    First of all, a special thanks to my friends Mono and KisekiRed. This game takes place in a shared universe we created together and features some of their characters and ideas. Without them, I probably wouldn't even be making this right now.

    The spoiler contains credits for all the assets I am currently using, and will be updated as development continues. Thanks to everyone listed for providing such amazing resources, they've helped a ton!
    Resources from:
    First Seed Material
    Jack Saintsworth

    Plugins by:
    Neon Black
    Artreyo Ray
    Victor Engine

    Thank you for taking the time to read all of this! I'm excited to hear any critiques, concerns, etc. and am welcoming all input you may have to offer!
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    After having played an hour (demo), and having worked a minimum wage job, I can say with full accuracy that this game is 100% kind of not really anything like working a minimum wage job. It's more like a job that gives you a 50 cent raise but then they take it all away and hand you a box that says "zooms" on the top, and you aren't sure why but you know this is better than any sort of money.

    Oh yeah, and it's good to finally see some progress. In honor of its imminent release, I shall forgo feeding my cats until then. Good fortune and merriment to you, fair developer.
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    Big recommend from me, who's too busy playing anyones game recently, due to most of them being too long (this one being no exception, I assume) but still liked what I've played for like an hour. It has it's charm. Once the demo hits the shelfs, definitely check it out.
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    Looks really neat. Can't wait for your demo. This game looks fun to bug hunt in.
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    Can’t wait to see Minimum Wage on Hard Reset If it’s anything like the library count me in xD
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    Now i'm just also making a comedy game. Thanks Slammy. I appreciate it.
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    Very intriguing. I like the way you wrote the descriptions for the characters, especially.
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    Sophie's just so adorable! AAAAAAAAH!!! "I'm literally in love with Sophie to much"
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    Thanks for the support! Wasn't expecting to see responses after leaving it be for so long.

    The game is still very much alive! I've been working on it as much as I can, though for a while I got a bit too busy to really keep at it. A lot has changed and improved since I first posted this and I can't wait to show off Minimum Wage's new look. I've been overhauling it with a revised, more focused (and crazy) plot --custom facesets, tilesets, sprites, etc.-- and some sweet music.

    Stay tuned for the next few months, now that my schedule is more lenient I can resume active development once more.

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