Mar 5, 2021
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I have two particular enemies in mind right now that I want to implement but I'm uncertain as to how to go about doing it in a way that will be easy for me to manage.
(Using Time-Progess (Wait) and some VisuStella battle stuff)

1) Wolf: can use a skill Howl that summons another Wolf, but also adds the Nature "Minion" from VisuStella's ElementStatesCore. This Wolf cannot Howl, has the additional attributes given to it by being a Minion (ideally it would be smaller, but I'm not sure that's within my power here without just making a Minion Wolf Enemy)

2) A slime or elemental, which Splits on death. Splitting summons two Minion versions of the monster that Split. VisuStella has a thing for casting spells on death, so that part will work fine. The hard part is just adding the other enemies in a way that's simple without having to remake it for every troop loadout.

The biggest problem is just the enemy AI, as I can't remove a skill that they could use (except the duplicate enemy thing, which I miiiight use now that I think about it because I could modify HP easily), and I can't set an enemy to use a skill when it *doesn't* have a status, only when it *does*.

Any suggestions will be appreciated, ideally I adapt this into a boss that can repeatedly summon units, but I haven't experimented enough with the troop events to know what the limitations are. :)


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Jul 22, 2014
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Moved to RPG Maker MZ Support.

Game Ideas & Prototypes is for discussing the ideas and design behind things; Support boards are for implementation of those ideas in RPG Maker.

You'll definitely want to make use of either the Appear Halfway property (Troop tab; use an Event Command to get them to appear) or the Enemy Transform event command (which would be the best way to "take a move away" at the same time you split a slime into smaller slimes). Switches can also be used to rule enemy behavior (have an Event Command turn on a Switch when something happens, and give a certain enemy skill very high Priority but require the Switch to be ON).

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