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Mar 28, 2013
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Welcome to Northstar Tales' first project "Mirror Mirror"! It's our entry for the IGMC 2018.

Amy has gotten sick of her parents. They want her to inherit their company one day, but that's not what Amy wants. She has a different dream ever since she visited her uncle in a small village, away from all the new technology and pollution.
In this village, she met an old lady who runs a bakery. She enjoyed spending time with her and loved her like family. But years passed and the lady died, leaving all of her savings for Amy. She decides to follow her dream to own a cafè.
Now Amy has to give her best to make her cafè a success...But what is this? The mechanical owl on the grandfather clock is able to talk? And what's with all this weird stuff on the tables? Wait, why is the kitchen gone? And who are these people?

Find out about Amys second job in a different world and how she can help the villagers with their problems through trading their emotions.

Amy, also called Amelie:
She's the protagonist of this game. Her wish to open a cafè came true when the lady she always visited as a child died. She inherited all of her savings and bought an cafè, together with a small room above it. She knew it wouldn't be easy and that she was going against her parents wishes, but Amy is a strong person. But she never knew that by opening the cafè, she would also have to continue another business...

Tommy, the mechanical owl:
He's a spirit of a deceased owl, living in a mechanical version of himself. Normally he's just there as a part of a grandfather clock, but at night, he becomes the one making business with spirits. Until Amy came...Now Tommy has to make sure she is doing her job properly.

- A funny little story with quirky characters, but deeper meaning
- Run the cafè: Meet customers, bring them their order, manage your earnings
- Help the villagers with their problems, by giving them the emotions they need. Or don't need, it's your choice. You are free to give them any emotion you have.
- Discover the story behind the mirror - the key to the spirit world - and learn how to use it.

Since this is a prototype meant for the IGMC, some things we had planned aren't on the list. Yet.


It has been released! Here's the link to the download:

Thank you for taking interesting and look forward to see more of Mirror Mirror^^
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