MKR_ChoiceWait (Delay when showing choice)

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    MKR_ChoiceWait - 1.0.4 2016/11/26

    Creator name: Mankind

    Adds a delay when choice display before select cursor shows up
    Gives a moment for the choice to be shown instead of instantaneous selection.

    Note: player can start choosing a choice without delay by moving up/ down key at least not select immediately until cursor shows.

    When choice are displayed with a delay until the default choice is selected.
    Delays are specified by number of frames. Default: 60 frames (1 second)
    You can set the delay of frames in Choice_Wait parameter

    Plugin command: (before choice)

    ChoiceWait ON
    ・Enables the function of this plugin. (Enabled by default)

    ChoiceWait OFF
    ・Disables this plugin function.

    Credit and Thanks: Mankind

    Terms of Use:

    ・It's possible modify and redistribute this plugin without author's permission.
    (However please include copyright part of the header.)
    ・There are no usage restrictions (free game, commercial game, R-18 work etc.).
    Please use it freely.
    ・The author is not responsible for problems caused by using this plugin.

    You can download js file from the thread attachment or Dropbox link:

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    This makes me think of all the times I've accidentally selected the first choice (whatever it was) in a game since I was being impatient with the dialog and mashing the continue key. I never would have thought this was a necessary thing, but now that I know it exists, I see it's a vital quality of life upgrade to any game with show choices. Good plugin!

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