Modern NPC Characters and Character Request

Discussion in 'Resource Requests' started by FakuNinten, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Hi!, I'm New at the Community! and so sorry for potato english, I'm Argentinian, I'm just making a RPG like EarthBound but in the modern era, i just Need free modern NPC Characters (Like School Girls, Police, Business Mans), cuz i don't know how to make characters, One time i tried but the result was that the characters are, Poorly drawn, and next i need somebody to draw me the principal characters, They are four only...

    Here are the principal characters:


    So, If anybody has modern characters/NPC, or if somebody can draw me the principal characters, I will so grateful and I will Credit you! ;)

    Greetings, FakuNinten, Sorry for potato english xD

    my version of RPG Maker is VX Ace

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