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Hi! Let's go over the bullet points for the short explanation:

*Basically, I'm using Mog Battle Hud Plugin and YEP Battle Core Plugin, what I'm looking to do is show 5 options instead of 4.

*Mog Battle Hud is only a visual plugin, and only affects "Columns" in 2 instances, in Skill Window and Item Window, so it doesn't have an inherent way to edit the number of Rows showned during the "Party Window".

* I have the "Window Rows" option in YEP Battle Core set to 5, and "Command Window Rows" also set to 5, but it doesn't actually does anything.

*Deactivating Mog Battle Hud Plugin shows the desire 5 rows of Commands, using the confing specified up. I have YEP Plugin higher in the herarchy nad I don't any Battle related Plugins except for YEP's other plugins like BuffState, Row Formation, ext.

*So looks like Mog Battle Hud and YEP Battle Core are getting in each other way. So my short question would be: How can I fix this?

Long Explanation: So, I kinda wanted to fix this adding some lines of code, but knowing that this is probably something to do with these 2 plugins getting in each other way, doesn't looks that hardcoding something would work. Looking a LOT of post I find one that was a similar thing that I wanted to do (or at least, sounds like the solution it's the same), but this guy says that was "Scale Incorrectly"?, I don't understand what he mean, and I actually cannot ask him because he hasn't been active since 2018.... So yeah I'm kinda stock here necroposting. Basically I want to know if hardcoding something would even work, knowing that this probably would break 2 plugins. So my long question would be:
How can I fix this? and... Is even worth my time looking at 2 guys code and look why they are getting in each other way?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate you for looking at this post in the first place, I will provide any extra data you request to solve this issue.

(Link to the thread mention :

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