(Mog Hunter Plugins) I need advice for preventing lag/CPU overuse etc


Oct 29, 2015
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I need some advice, I am not familiar with the specifics of the RPG Maker MV engine but I'd like to get an idea of what is possible before the game should begin to lag/stutter or cause overuse of the CPU, overuse of memory, etc.

I have a high end laptop and I don't want to get a year down the road and find out that the game I am working on won't play well on low end systems.

What got me worrying is recently I started adding events to a city map and noticed a slight stutter every great once in a while in my characters movement on the map. Now... my PC has been blue screening due to a bad netframework update that I just fixed today, so I may have had a memory leak that was causing the lag. It still got me thinking, however.

The plugin list I am using might be a little extensive. I know people recommend that you only add plugins when NEEDED but I decided to go the other route and build the game engine first. Currently I am using most of Yanfly's plugins along with Mog Hunters Plugins for battle and his Time System.

My assumption is that poorly contructed events can cause undue stress. Right now I have quite a few events that are using Mog Hunters Time System, such as lights coming on and going off at certain times, tile sheets that change out to create season change, NPC's that have specific routines at particular times of the day, etc. I am concerned that too many events like this might be an issue.

1) Is there a soft limit to how many moving or parallel events that can be running on a map before issues arise?
2) Should I set parallel events to have a "flip self-switch A" command when possible? Would that prevent them from continually running after doing what they are meant to do?
3) Isn't there a way to open a dev console in RPG Maker to view the load a game is putting on the PC? I recall reading that a while back.

And, my biggest concern atm

4) I believe its Mog Hunters Time System that allows me to set "timers" for events. I am curious just HOW many timers can be running before issues arise, or if they will ever arise at all. A large part of what I would like to do with my games mechanics is center the world around a dynamic spawning and re-spawning system for harvestables, chests, bosses, even the dungeons will be set up like instances with "lockouts" etc. I noticed that the timers seem to be saved in the games save file... So I was wondering just how many timers running at once might be TOO many.

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