MOG_PictureGallery.js + SRD_TitleCommandCustomizer problem


Sep 14, 2018
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Ok i have some problem with getting both working.
First links:

Thanks to SRD i can put Picture Gallery into Title Menu thanks to Common Event and plugin command. If you go into game, and then return to title everything works fine: gallery pops up, show unlocked arts.
However if you reset game and go straight to Pic Gal in Title Menu you get error that there is no pic_.png in picture folder (even if again go into game, and exit to title it works as intended).
To be honest I'm lacking knowledge to check if there is some "block" that doesn't allow MOG_PictureGallery.js be run without entering "proper" game.

And here i come to ask some assistant. Maybe there is some walk around or someone who is/was using similar "set" could share how they deal with this problem. I know i can use MOG in Main Menu and everything will be fine, but i think its better belongs to Title Menu.

Thank you in advance.

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