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Discussion in 'RGSSx Script Support' started by Topdod, Jun 2, 2019.

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    I have several scripts installed but after I added Moghunter's ATB I no longer get battle messages. You know, those little "(username) uses/casts X!"

    I want to be able to do stuff like having an enemy fumble an attack and a quick message would appear saying "X fumbles their attack!" and the message would let the player know why the enemy seemingly skipped a turn.

    Don't suppose anybody would be aware of a way to get them to show up again? I'm also using the Ace Battle Engine if that matters?
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    I've moved this thread to RGSSx Script Support. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.

    Please edit your post to include a link to the web page where you got the ATB script. That way if anyone needs to check something before giving advice they won't have to go hunting.

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